Trading On The Go: The Convenience And Flexibility Of Online Trading Apps

by Finance 18 March 2023

Trading Apps

In this modern world of technology, everything has become online and available on mobile app. News, banking, shopping, grocery, etc are now easily available through mobile apps. Even stock trading has gone online.

Various stock broking firms are now providing apps to their customers. You can easily do online trading through this app from your home or office. Let’s understand why you shall switch to trading apps to invest and trade in stock markets.

Benefits of Online Trading Apps

Some of the benefits of online trading apps are as follows:-

1. Very Convenient

Online trading apps are very convenient to use. Your trading and demat account can be easily opened online through the trading app. You just need to submit a few soft copies of your KYC documents and the account gets opened in 24 hours.

Moreover, there is no need to visit the broker’s office to place a trading order. Neither there is any need to open your desktop/laptop to log in and then trade. You can easily access the mobile app provided by stock broking firms and trade from anywhere. Dhan app is one of the best trading apps you can try.

2. No Need for an Advisor

One of the most important benefits of an online trading app is that you don’t need an advisor to invest in stock. You yourself can research the stock and invest in the stock of your choice through the mobile app. You can trade on your own.

3. Quick Transactions

In the past in order to invest or trade in stock you need to visit the stock broker’s office. Then you need to observe the live market and then inform the broker about the stock in which you want to invest and he will place your order.

Now this entire process is shortened and completed in a few seconds. You can check the stocks live in the app at any time and decide in which stock you need to invest. After which you can place an order through the app. The stock trading apps have made trading very speedy.

4. Easy Access to Live Markets

You can easily access live markets through your trading app and get access to now just real-time data but also fundamentals. You can also easily access your portfolio and holding through the app. This helps you take quick decisions and trade faster and conveniently.

5. Increases Your Knowledge about Markets

When you trade through a mobile app there is no one to guide you. You solely have to research and decide in which stock you need to invest.

Many stock broking firms provide various knowledge materials and research reports in mobile apps to help you do proper research about the stock before investing. This increases your knowledge about the stock market and helps in taking better decisions.

6. Single Interface

The single trading app has access to various features. Firstly it allows you to trade and invest in stocks. Secondly, it gives direct access to your portfolio of stock holdings. Thirdly you can quickly transfer funds from a bank account to a trading account and vice-versa

In addition to this, it also shows all transactions undertaken. All these features are available in a single interface.


If you invest in stock markets and still haven’t tried trading apps, then it’s time to adapt to the change. You can use the dhan trading app which is one of the best trading app in the Indian markets. The trading apps are very convenient and easy to use. You shall update yourself and start trading through the app.

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