New Toyota Fortuner vs Innova Crysta Comparison

by Automotive Published on: 24 October 2016 Last Updated on: 03 April 2019

New Toyota Fortuner vs Innova Crysta Comparison

The new Toyota Fortuner is going to launch soon in India on the 7th of November 2016, this car is gaining significant attention. Toyota has introduced a whole lot of new features in the new Fortuner and the most noteworthy innovation is the new Toyota New Global Architecture platform and the scientific term for it is Frame with Integrated Rigidity Mechanism that facilitates improved safety, ride and handling mechanisms.

Toyota in 2016 May introduced the 2016 Innova and it is referred to as Innova Crysta and this too was a notable launch. Since launch, this car was a bestseller and the demand for it continues to remain strong. The waiting period for Innova Crysta is two months, and an interesting point of discussion is whether the new Fortuner is going to have a similar great selling impact like the Innova Crysta. The upcoming new Fortuner is among the most important launches to happen, and it is going to be a better car than Innova Crysta? Let us do a comparison and find out.


Toyota has built the exterior of the new Toyota Fortuner to create a slenderer and sportier look compared to its predecessor. As mentioned earlier the vehicle is built on a pioneering Toyota New Global Architecture platform creating a more resilient and lighter body and the other advantage of this platform is superior fuel-efficiency by an impressive 10%. The new Fortuner looks awe-inspiring at first sight contributed by the professionally designed dual-slat chrome radiator grille and dual projector wraparound headlights. The front bumper has a revamped design and it looks amazing covered in glossy chrome covered fog lights and illuminating LED daytime running lights. The side view looks trendy visible on the flared wheel arches and robust shoulder line and the classiness of the rear is contributed by superb looking LED tail lights.

Toyota has engineered the Innova Crysta with a more contemporary body structure and the car bears a slender stance. On the front is arty frame-less grille covered with multiple stats and elegant double barrel headlights. The side view of the car is trendy visible on the 17-inch wheels beneath professionally sculpted muscle fenders. The trendiness of the rear is characterized by imaginatively designed boomerang wrap around tail lights.


The interior of new Fortuner looks stunning with a rich dual-tone black and beige décor. The quality of the material is top-class and the seats are super comfy covered in fine leather. The grand features to watch out for is marvelous huge eight-inch touchscreen, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel connected to Bluetooth telephony, audio controls, and paddle shifter. There is also start/stop button with smart key entry, rear air-con vents, electrically adjustable door mirrors with power folding function, engine start or stop button and automatic climate control.

The interior of Innova Crysta is vastly spacious and the décor quality of the cabin is great. The design of the dashboard is new and it looks professional. There is a stunning touch-screen infotainment system and the design of steering wheel is new and it has audio controls. There is ample storage space with twenty bottle holders. The second and third-row compartment has potent air-con vents and there is an amazing foldable back seat table to place the laptop and other items. The other reliable features are console box with lid, chilled glove box, multi-information display, speedometer, instrument panel, and blue illumination.


The new Fortuner is engineered with powerful diesel engines of GD series with inventive variable geometric turbocharger and Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion (ESTEC) technology. There is a 2.8 and 2.4-liter engine, the 2.8-liter GD engine yields 177bhp, 400Nm for the automatic car and 450Nm for a manual car. The 2.4-liter mill churns 160bhp and 400Nm.

Innova Crysta runs on an effective 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine that generates fierce energies of 343Nm torque and 147bhp. This engine is linked to 5-speed manual gearbox and the power is transmitted to back wheels. There is also a robust four-cylinder 2.8-liter diesel engine that generates 360Nm and 174bhp.


The new Fortuner is engineered with ground-breaking safety technology protecting occupants from any kind of harsh impact. The car has trailer sway control, reversing camera and three-point seat belt with emergency locking retractors, emergency stop signal, downhill assist control, vehicle stability control, hill-start assist control and anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution.

Safety is a strong selling feature of Innova Crysta, there are three airbags inclusive of co-passenger and driver airbag. For additional safety, there is a knee bag and the advanced features offered on top-end variants are hill start assist control and vehicle stability control. The other noteworthy safety features are door ajar warning and immobilizer, seat belt warning, clearance and back sonar, back monitor, child restraint system and rear and front seat belts.


The new Fortuner will be sold at an expected initial price of Rs 28 lakh (ex-showroom price) and the Innova Crysta is offered at a price range of Rs 13.9 to 21.2 lakhs.


The new Fortuner has a more captivating exterior architecture, the inner décor and quality of equipment are better than Innova Crysta. However, Crysta has a lot of storage spaces and this is a comfortable car to drive. The new Fortuner is engineered with ground-breaking engine technology and the engine efficiency is superior to Innova Crysta. With regard to safety technology, the new Fortuner is more powerful.

The new Fortuner is pricier than Innova Crysta, but it has a better design, quality of interior material, better engine and more advanced safety technology. This car, therefore, offers more value for money compared to Innova Crysta.

For people who are keen on buying the new Fortuner the arrival date is around the corner, and currently, the Innova Crysta is in huge demand. The new Fortuner is likely to be a game-changer in the premium SUV segment and the Crysta is a popular car as well. It will be interesting to read about the profit outcome of new Fortuner post-launch and is it going to generate greater sales than Crysta? We will have to wait for the launch and find out.

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