Why Do You Need Master Data Management?

by Management 12 November 2020

Master Data Management

When you are in the industry, bad data can regress your process. According to a report made by the Experian research group, more than 89% of the marketers believe that a lack of accurate data is the reason why they cannot fulfill customers’ needs.

Lots of errors and incomplete data in the business can affect the decision-making process of the businesses. After realizing the importance of the data, leaders from all over the world have started prioritizing the data’s quality. To meet their expectation, businesses have turned towards the gartner MDM.

What Is A Master Data?

According to Gartner, master data are the entities that hold authority over the businesses. They are the key factors that regulate the efficiency in the business.

Was the explanation too hard for you? Let us make this easy for you.

You can think of the master data as a single cell that will eventually complete your body. For instance, when you are in any business, the first thing you will need is accurate information collected from reliable sources.

The master data can be further divided into small categories:

  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Employee
  • Salesperson

Why do Master Data need To Be Managed?

As the enterprise grows in size, managing data becomes very tough. A huge amount of resources are being lost in collecting and analyzing the data. According to a report made by Experian in 2018, more than 91% of the executives have accepted the fact that collecting data and analyzing them for insight really takes a toll on business finances.

Here are some of the challenges that you might find while collecting master data.

Inconsistent Data

Inconsistent data flow can really add resistance to your business efficiency. The organization of data on multiple locations makes it difficult to have a single view of the data. These problems are faced due to a lack of an integrated approach to information management.

Lack Of Cross-Domain Relationship

The whole business process is further divided into several domains (customer, product, and supplier). Often happens that there is no mode of communication or synchronization between the domains. This prevents the enterprise from gaining business insights and operational intelligence.

Lack Of Data Governance

When there is a lack of data governance, organizations fall short on data integrity and data security. This makes it difficult for the business to make decisions based on whatever the data is collected.

Authenticity And Data Manipulation

When you are handling a mountain of data, it becomes very difficult to manage and organize all the data. This lack of practice severely damages the business reputation and its authenticity.

What Is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) is a tool or a software application that helps the enterprise manage the master data correctly. It helps the enterprise with master data management and prunes out all the unnecessary data. This process helps to get the highest data quality for decision making.

Master Data Management helps the enterprise get the most accurate, consistent, and real-time data across all the organizations.

Key Functions Of MDM System

Master data management is the solution that revokes all the data management challenges. Here are some of the key features of Master Data Management.

MDM Provide Seamless Data Across Organization

MDM offers a network for an efficient supply of a single source of information to the organization to boost customers’ buying experience.

MDM Help The Organization To Understand Customer Better

MDM offers a customer data management database that helps the organization with a single view of the customer data for efficient decision making.

Increases Trust In Your Data

Poor quality of data can affect your business in many ways. It can affect the business-customer relationship, render business decision-making capabilities, and forecast the business results. However, with the MDM, you and rest assured about the high-quality master data.

Connect Anything & Everything

When multiple pieces of information are stored in multiple locations, it can be a very laborious job for the employee. They have to duplicate the same information several times. However, with the MDM in place, you will have a single source of information used by any domain of the businesses.


There you have why MDM is a must-have for the businesses. We have put our thoughts on the table. What do you think about the MDM and how it can benefit the businesses?

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