Do You Need a Degree to Earn a Higher Salary?

by Job & Career Published on: 17 March 2018 Last Updated on: 22 September 2018

Higher Salary

We would all like to earn a reasonable salary in return for the work we do, and we are all aware that some jobs pay more than others. Attorneys, accountants, physicians, surgeons and auditors are just a tiny sample of the well-paid jobs, and all of them will have spent years studying to achieve their goal. Not all jobs require you to have a higher education though, which is why the answer to the question ‘do you need a degree to earn a higher salary’ is no, not always.

No Degree Needed :

On average you would expect to earn more if you have a degree, but there are many well-paid jobs that you just need to have your high school education for. Some of them require training, but this is often done on the job, so you are earning a wage from day one. Food service managers, telecommunication line installers, crane operators, real estate agents and sheriffs are just a few examples of jobs that pay a higher salary without you needing a university degree.

Although the numbers of high school graduations continue to rise, the number of students going on to get a college or university degrees has reduced. The main reason for this is thought to be the ever-increasing costs of attending college or university. Expensive tuition fees and the potential debt they leave their education with is prompting many high school graduates to look for other ways of following a career. Employers are helping with this trend by offering training while they work, which might mean a lower starting salary, but still results in a well-paid job at the end, with none of the financial worries attached.

Working for Yourself :

Some people opt for working for themselves with a view to earning more money. For instance, a personal trainer employed by a gym can expect to be paid around the 20 dollars an hour mark. A personal trainer working for themselves would charge an hourly rate of double that.  Working in a hairdressing salon you would expect an annual salary of about $25,000, but work for yourself and that could be much higher.

Of course, when you are the person in charge you have other responsibilities like buying your own insurance cover and your own equipment. You will also need to file tax returns and pay your own tax liability. However, even so, there are many jobs where you will be a lot better off working for yourself than being employed by someone else.

The Options Are Out There :

There is no end to the opportunities to earn a good salary without a degree; you just have to look at the jobs available. Be prepared for some onsite training and take every chance there is to improve your position within the company you are working for. If you work hard and prove yourself to be a valuable company asset, there is no reason at all why you should not be a higher salary earner.

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