Revolutionizing The Road: Movicart Motorized Cart Movers For The Automotive Industry

by Automotive 13 November 2023

Movicart Motorized Cart Movers For The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is making substantial investments in battery technology. 

In a global race to benefit from emission-free electric cars, car manufacturers, government entities, and investors are dedicating significant resources to advance battery research. This sector is presently undergoing a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles, with several leading car manufacturers declaring their plans to discontinue the production of gasoline-powered engines. 

Furthermore, this industry-wide push toward electric vehicles has prompted innovative collaborations and partnerships across the automotive landscape. As the demand for cleaner and more sustainable transportation options rises, the competition to develop cutting-edge battery solutions intensifies. Government incentives and regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions are also propelling this transformation, encouraging stakeholders to invest in a greener automotive future.

According to recent research, it is projected that electric vehicles will account for 18 percent of new car sales by 2030. This projection would result in a demand for batteries that is approximately eight times higher than the current production capacity of factories.

In this dynamic landscape, automakers are not only focusing on the development of electric vehicles but also on establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure to support widespread adoption, hence several battery factories are in the planning or construction phase. The transition to electric vehicles is not just about engineering advancements; it encompasses a holistic reshaping of the entire transportation ecosystem.

As the momentum for electrification continues to build, the automotive industry finds itself at the forefront of a paradigm shift that holds the promise of a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future for mobility.


Echoing this pattern, Renova has embraced the same trajectory by unveiling the pioneering Movicart cart mover, a revolutionary innovation that integrates lithium-powered Battery technology. 

When it comes to batteries used in large vehicles like buses and trucks, their requirements extend beyond recharging; they also involve installation during the manufacturing phase within facilities and regular maintenance at workshops. This is achieved by disassembling the batteries and transporting them, typically on specialized carts. Given the substantial weight of these batteries, manual handling is not feasible. This is precisely where the Movicart becomes indispensable, serving as a crucial tool for these essential tasks.


This compact and handy system is indeed designed to effortlessly push or pull carts up to 5 tons – whether on wheels or rails – without any effort for the operator, effectively addressing operators’ needs while dealing with crucial safety considerations within the production environment. It is a convenient alternative to forklifts or transpallets as it can be used without a license and can operate in narrow spaces where forklifts are not allowed.  

Movicart offers three distinct models, each tailored to meet specific application requirements effectively.

Our control panel is meticulously designed to provide operators with easy access to essential functions. Upon inserting the battery, the battery status LED promptly illuminates, clearly indicating the charge level.

You have control over the maximum speed, which can be adjusted to a maximum of 30 meters per minute. Movicart is fully capable of moving in both forward and reverse gears, providing versatility in maneuvering.

Prioritizing operator safety, Movicart is equipped with an anti-crushing system. In the event of an emergency, such as the operator accidentally hitting the emergency stop button while moving in reverse, Movicart will momentarily reverse direction, preventing any potential entrapment between the cart and obstacles.

Thanks to its mechanical system and the different cart gripper configurations, Movicart facilitates the movement of carts of various sizes, heights, and weights. This advancement enhances safety in the plant while saving time for other activities, thus increasing productivity.

Our battery-powered Movicart models feature two 24 V DC IP 44 motors, powered by a high-performance, plug-and-play 24 V lithium battery. This battery delivers an impressive 60-120 carts handled with just a single charge, equating to 3-5 working shifts. With a battery life of approximately 500 recharges it ensures long-term reliability. Moreover, it recharges rapidly, taking a maximum of only 4 hours to reach full capacity.


In embracing Movicart, Renova not only keeps pace with industry trends but sets a new standard for operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the manufacturing landscape. This cutting-edge solution delivers ergonomic advantages while aligning with environmental sustainability, marking a transformative step toward a more streamlined and environmentally conscious future in production.

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