Livestream Shopping: Different Platforms And How It Works

by Business 20 June 2023

Livestream Shopping

Livestream shopping, also known as live commerce or live shopping, is a form of e-commerce where products are showcased and sold through a live video broadcast. Think of it as the updated infomercial, where livestream shopping combines the convenience of online shopping with the interactivity and engagement of live video content.

Examples Of Livestream Shopping

Here are some platforms offering livestream shopping:

1. Amazon Live:

Amazon Live allows brands and influencers to host livestream shopping events where they showcase products and engage with viewers in real time. Viewers can browse and purchase featured products directly on the Amazon website.

2. Taobao Live:

Taobao Live is a livestream shopping platform operated by Alibaba Group in China. It features a wide range of products, and hosts showcase and sell items through live video broadcasts. Viewers can interact with hosts, ask questions, and make purchases within the platform.

Here are some more examples of livestream shopping:


NTWRK is a livestream shopping platform that focuses on exclusive drops and limited-edition products. It features celebrity hosts and offers a curated selection of fashion, streetwear, sneakers, and more. Viewers can watch live broadcasts, interact with hosts, and purchase products through the NTWRK app.

4. Shopify Live:

Shopify Live is a livestream shopping feature offered by the popular e-commerce platform Shopify. Merchants can use Shopify Live to showcase their products, provide demonstrations, and interact with viewers. Viewers can make purchases directly on the Shopify platform.

5. Lazada Live:

Lazada Live is a livestream shopping platform operating in Southeast Asia. It allows sellers to showcase products through live video broadcasts and engage with viewers. Viewers can interact with hosts, ask questions, and make purchases on the Lazada website or app.

Livestream shopping is convenient as viewers can participate in the shopping experience by engaging with the host or influencer through live chat or comments. They can ask questions, seek additional information about the products, or share their thoughts and opinions. The host responds directly to viewer inquiries, creating a sense of interactivity and personalized interaction.


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