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by Job & Career Published on: 24 September 2019 Last Updated on: 12 March 2021

Have you ever thought about working abroad, but have immediately gotten rid of that idea out of your head because you are not sure about what to expect?

Well, when you’ve finally made that decision to move out, there will be jobs waiting for you, especially if you target working in the UAE. Here are the reasons why there is no need to worry about finding jobs in UAE.

There are More Expats in the UAE Compared to Locals

In 2013, 83.7% of UAE’s population was mainly migrants, as reported by The Chopras. This data is also supported by Froilan Malit Jr. and Ali Al Youha’s report, indicating that in the same year, UAE had the fifth-largest migration stock. They also added in their statement that the country is one of the most popular destinations for labor migrants of any world region.

In 2017, the UAE government indicated that a total of 78.3% of the total population aged 15 and above were employed. 90% of the country’s workforce are immigrants. The overall unemployment rate in that same year has decreased by 1.7%.

The Country is Mostly English Speaking

The majority of the UAE’s population comes from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This sector also comprises the majority of the migrant’s people working in the country. Although the official language of the UAE is Arabic, its Lingua Franca is English.

The medium of communication among the general public commonly is English and not Arabic. The language barrier is never a problem for foreign workers looking to find jobs in UAE as the majority of the positions do not require you to speak in their native tongue.

There is a Diverse Selection of Office-based and Blue-Collared Jobs

Four Sheikhdoms form UAE, and these are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm al-Quwain or Umm al-Qaiwan. As reported by the UAE’s annual economic report in 2018, among these six Sheikhdoms, the five sectors with the highest employees are hired.

These are the extractive industries, public administration, and defense. Wholesale and retail trade and repair, construction and building, transformative industries also rank as the top employment industries for both skilled workers and blue-collared jobs.

Jobs in UAE are not only limited to these five sectors, but these sectors are a combination of white-collared and blue-collared posts.

Expats that are looking to start a profitable business venture in Dubai can take help from insurance authority Dubai. This will help them navigate the rules and regulations of the country and allow them to conduct their business by abiding by the same. Many credible institutions can help in terms of setting up new businesses for expats in the UAE.

Cost of Living in UAE is Not as Expensive as Some of the Rich Countries

Despite the country’s economic attractiveness, jobs in UAE attract both low and high-skilled migrants because of its tax neutrality. The absence of taxes proves to be beneficial to workers.

Besides this, Abu Dhabi– one of the Sheikhdoms of UAE, is ranked to be 144th out of 376 cities in the world with an estimated 3,095.98AED (835.92 US dollar) monthly cost for a single person, and an estimated 10,794.48AED (2,914.51 US dollar) monthly cost for four persons.

Working abroad is not as frightening as it seems when you have an ample amount of knowledge about the country you want to transfer to. With all this information, find your perfect job in UAE now.

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