Understanding Market Cycles And Locating Undervalued Properties: Johanna Sicat Altman Shares Tips To Increase Potential Profits

by Health Care Services Published on: 07 August 2023 Last Updated on: 08 September 2023

Johanna Sicat Altman

Choosing the right location for a healthcare building investment is a critical decision that can impact the success of your business. It’s vital to consider various factors to make the right decision.

This article provides some tips from Johanna Sicat Altman when choosing the perfect location for your healthcare building investment.

1. Demographics And Market Analysis

Demographics and market analysis are essential when selecting a location for your healthcare building investment. Demographic data give insights into the population’s age, income, and education levels.

These data points can help determine the type of healthcare services the people might need. Conducting a market analysis allows you to understand the existing competition, healthcare trends, and opportunities in the area.

2. Accessibility And Convenience

Patients prefer a location that is easily accessible and convenient. The building should be located in an area with good transport links such as public transport and easy access to parking. This will ensure that patients can easily visit the healthcare building without the hassle of navigating through traffic or long travel times.

3. Safety And Security

The safety and security of patients, employees, and the building must be paramount. Areas with low crime rates, good lighting, and CCTV surveillance can help deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind to employees and patients.

4. Proximity To Other Healthcare Facilities

Having other healthcare facilities within the vicinity can be a competitive advantage. Patients will appreciate having a convenient choice of healthcare providers and services. However, it’s essential to ensure that your healthcare building investment differentiates itself from others to attract the market’s attention.

5. Zoning Regulations And Infrastructure

Ensure that the location you choose meets the zoning regulations for healthcare services. Working within the zoning requirements can prevent costly violations, penalties, or even the closure of your business. Infrastructure is also a vital consideration. You must confirm that the location meets all the necessary building and safety regulations.

6. Forward-Thinking Approaches

Always consider the future when selecting a location for your healthcare building investment. Predicting demographic and market trends and ensuring they align with your building investment can help you stay ahead of the competition. You could also consider investing in emerging healthcare technologies like telemedicine to offer cutting-edge services to your patients.

7. Branding And Marketing

Branding and marketing are essential for your healthcare-building investment. You must choose a location that aligns with your branding strategy to attract the right audience. A site that matches your branding strategy is more likely to establish a connection with your target audience. This strategy can help build a community of loyal customers who will help grow your business.

8. Environmental Factors

When choosing a location for your healthcare building investment, the environment is also essential. Consider environmental factors such as air pollution, noise pollution, and the availability of green space. A place with less pollution and more green spaces can improve your patients’ and employees’ quality of life. This will ensure your healthcare building investment is eco-friendly and aligned with modern healthcare practices.

9. Cost

The cost of purchasing or leasing a property should also be considered when selecting the right location for your healthcare building investment. The price can vary significantly depending on the property’s condition, size, and location. You must ensure that the price is within your budget while still offering value to your business.

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10. Professional Advice

It’s essential to seek professional advice when selecting a location for your healthcare building investment. A qualified real estate agent can offer valuable insights into the local market and guide you on the best places for your business. An experienced healthcare consultant may also be able to provide helpful insight and advice about the various regulations that govern healthcare businesses in a specific area.

11. Client Feedback

Ultimately, your clients are the ones that will be accessing your healthcare-building investment. Take the time to consider their feedback and opinions when selecting the perfect location for your business. Ask patients what type of location they would prefer and assess how this fits into your budget and overall strategy.

12. Flexibility


Ensure your chosen location is flexible enough to accommodate changes in your business or services. Investing in an area with room to expand can help you create a successful healthcare-building investment that will last many years.

13. Research

Research is always an essential part of any decision-making process. Try to look at different locations and compare them regarding demographics, market analysis, accessibility, safety and security, environmental factors, cost, and client feedback. This will help you make an informed decision best suited for your business needs.


You can ensure your business succeeds by considering these tips from Johanna Sicat Altman when selecting the perfect location for your healthcare building investment. Doing the necessary research and considering the above factors can help you make a well-informed and successful choice for your healthcare-building investment.

Choosing the right location for your healthcare building investment will help ensure your business thrives. It’s vital to consider various factors such as demographics, accessibility, safety, infrastructure, and environmental factors when selecting a location.

You can also always count on professional help from industry experts to guide you. We hope that with the tips outlined in this article, it’s now easier to make an informed decision that will provide a steady patient base, establish your reputation, and foster success in your healthcare-building investment. Good luck!

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