Is Nomad Capitalist Legit? – Here’s What We Found

by Business Development 03 November 2023

Nomad Capitalist

Before you hand over your hard-earned cash to a business or for any service, understanding its legitimacy is vital.

Separating the genuine information you find online from the fake and spammy can be difficult. In this article, our goal is to examine whether Nomad Capitalist is a legitimate business or not.

What Is Nomad Capitalist?

Nomad Capitalist is an offshore consulting firm. It predominantly runs its business virtually. It also has locations worldwide, including in Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, and the USA. It currently employs over 60 people internationally.

They include offshore companies, bank accounts, tax planning, second citizenship, dual citizenship, storing money offshore, global markets, and others. Its main YouTube Channel has over 700k subscribers and over 2,000 videos. They also have a very active presence on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram

What Does The Above Page Of The Company States

The About page of the company website states that

We hold a specializaton in ethically and legally bringing down your tax rate. We also diversify and provide legal protection for your assets. At the same time, we grow the portfolio of your passport and increase your freedom

You can also see the details of the Nomad Capitalist team, including Andrew Henderson. 

The company’s motto is “Go Where You’re Treated Best,” and its mission is “Helping people improve their lives and create wealth through legal, ethical, and effective strategies for international diversification.”

Andrew Henderson, or the Nomad Capitalist, is best known for his entertaining YouTube appearances. He has also written a book, Nomad Capitalist, which discusses offshore business, banking, and his own life experiences and anecdotes. 

From what we can see, Henderson is pretty transparent, especially in his YouTube videos, speaking on topics from legal tax savings to wealth creation and also sharing stories from his personal life, in particular his experience of renouncing US citizenship. 

The entrepreneur is also often interviewed on other well-known podcasts and publications. We found an interview with the BBC, in which he spoke about having multiple passports and the benefits and opportunities that come with them, including lower taxes. 

Nomad Capitalist Reviews – What Do Others Say?

In this section, we make a review that may help you understand the subject better better. 

The Live Event

As mentioned in the review above, as well as plan creation and consultation services for seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs. Nomad Capitalist also hosts a yearly live event, “the world’s foremost gathering of global citizens.” 

Speakers include world-famous figures in the industry, including the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. The list of speakers also includes the Leader of Brexit, Nigel Farage. Audiences also get insights from international Man Doug Casey, and the Adventure Capitalist Jim Rogers.  As well as guest speakers, Henderson and his team also share insight into additional citizenships and residences, along with many related topics.

The Live Event is an exclusive event that is becoming increasingly popular, and hopeful attendees must join a waiting list. 

Legit Business or Not?

Our verdict is that Nomad Capitalist is a completely legal, legitimate, and reputable business that is very transparent with numerous methods of contacting and communicating with staff. 

With a quick company search, you can easily verify its business credentials online, including general company information. 

They are also constantly engaging with viewers and the public via social media, particularly via their YouTube channels, Instagram, and X (Twitter). 

Although there are, of course, both favorable and unfavorable comments to be found online, feedback and reviews are predominantly positive, and Nomad Capitalist is clearly a legitimate operation.

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