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by Business Development 11 December 2018

China’s largest retailer,, has been awarded the Top End User Honor through the CNCF or the Cloud Native Computing Foundation for their special cloud-native application of open source programs. The CNCF is the biggest community of dedicated Kubernetes and cloud-native software stacks and technologies in regards to open source. The prize was proclaimed at China’s premier CloudNativeCon&KubeCon conference where thousands of end users and technologists gathered in Shanghai in November to speak about the destiny of the open source technology community.

Founded by Richard Liu, presents the best e-commerce experience for consumers necessitates that JD houses and processes vast amounts of information with extremely quick accessibility speeds. For more context, five years prior there was just roughly two billion images stored in JD’s product data banks for consumers. Now it exceeds one trillion and the numbers grow by 100 million pictures every day. This is the reason JD moved to CNCF’s Kubernetes plan recently in order to accommodate its databases. JD runs the most modern and largest Kubernetes cluster on the market.

The corporation initially rolled out the containerized infrastructure starting a couple ago and once the clusters increased, Jingdong was the first early adopters that shifted to Kubernetes. The transition, regarded as JDOS 2.0, signaled the commencement of JD’s association with CNCF to construct stronger and more collaborative relationships in the industry’s leading end users, developers, and vendors. CNCF ultimately offered an opportunity for JD to take advantage and collaborate with the open source development world.

JD developed into the CNCF’s prime platinum end-user representative in April and earned a position on the company’s governing board to influence the shape of incoming Foundation initiatives. JD’s devotion to open source overall is closely aligned with its more general retail as a service approach in how the company is allowing other partners, industries and retailers a broader capacity for increasing order efficiency, cost reduction and customer service.

JD’s Kubernetes data clusters assist a broad variety of workloads including AI-based and big data applications. The technology has enhanced productivity and boosted collaboration by lowering the number of silos between DevOps and operations teams. JD has provided code to outlines like Prometheus, Vitess, CNI (Container Networking Interface), Helm and Kubernetes as a result of its partnership with CNCF.

“One collaboration that we’re very honored to be a part of is Vitess. It’s the CNCF outline for scalable cluster management with MySQL,” stated Chief Architect of, Haifeng Liu. “We’re not just the greatest end-user of Vitess, we’re an extremely active and significant contributor as well. We are pleasantly anticipating our work with CNCF and their members together in the future for paving the way of open source development of technology.” Vitess gives JD the ability to manage resources a lot more efficiently and adaptively to lower maintenance and operational costs.

JD holds one of the most intricate Vitess deployments in the world. The corporation is collaborating actively with the community of the CNCF to incorporate additional features like global transactions and subquery support to set even more industry standards. “JD leads the application of cloud-native usages at scale inside the APAC field and is accountable for one of the biggest Kubernetes deployments across the globe,” mentioned representative of Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Chris Aniszczyk.

“The firm also makes important additions to CNCF designs and their participation within the industry made JD a perfect recipient for the award.” JD is going to keep working towards contributing to cloud-native developments and releasing its own homegrown and internal open source designs to help empower more people across the community.

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