What to Look For When Hiring a Company to Custom Blend and Package Chemicals

by Business Development 29 January 2019

Custom Blend

Businesses across a wide range of sectors have at the heart of their product chemicals which need to be treated with extreme care. If your company needs to hire a partner capable of custom blending and packaging chemicals, how do you know which to choose?

As a means of figuring out, let’s look at what the top chemical suppliers in the industry all have in common:

  1. The best chemical companies are all full-service providers with a long track record of manufacturing custom blends quickly and efficiently. There are an infinite amount of permutations possible when it comes to blending different kinds of chemicals together. Market leaders provide over 5,000 commodity and specialty products.


  1. Facilities should be ISO 9001 certified, meaning the International Organization for Standardization has deemed that it meets the quality high enough for all stakeholders, as well as all statutory and regulatory requirements. A company can be trusted based on the successful work they’ve done already, and for the certifications, they live up to.


  1. The best companies keep your proprietary information safe. They will be privy to the information about your formula and possibly other trade secrets—there should be an official NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to ensure that secrecy is legally mandated.


  1. They must have experience manufacturing chemicals with other companies in your industry, whether it’s related to oil fields, water treatment, coatings, construction, industrial applications or something else.


  1. They must be able to receive and deliver product by various means, usually by truck or rail. The trucks and trains in use should all be capable of storing Heat Transfer Fluids for big facilities, such as hospitals, ice rinks, high rise buildings, and others.


  1. After producing the chemical blends, proper transportation is essential. The fleet will contain both dry vans and liquid bulk tankers, all equipped with GPS. All drivers will be trained in Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Make sure the company you engage has never had a breach. Safety here is of the utmost importance.


  1. To get it done quickly, the blend tanks at the site should have high-speed mixers, and there should be testing facilities for the chemicals on site.


  1. Leaders in this industry are fully capable of packaging liquid non-hazardous, flammable and corrosive products, as well as drum and tote tanks. All the scales must be approved for weight accuracy.


  1. The price should be low and the customer service should be excellent! Also, this is a multi-stage process, and there should be communication throughout so that you receive updates to know everything is going as planned and that established timelines will still be honoured.

Chemicals, especially when blending or mixing them, are complicated and potentially dangerous. It’s important to work with experienced experts who understand chemicals on a molecular level and are knowledgeable about the industry in general.

Take the time to really make sure you have the right fit. Hire someone who meets all of the above criteria, so your company can focus on nothing but expanding the business.

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