7 important Tips to Use When Picking a Great Real Estate Agent

by Real Estate 15 May 2018

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are known for promoting themselves with an online presence, yard signs, direct mail postcards, or even sponsored public benches. Cutting through the hype and finding the right agent can be quite tough.

The online market is full of information that is sometimes confusing for someone new in the real estate market. There are tips you can use to find a suitable real estate agent to work with, whether you are selling or buying a home.

How to find the right real estate pro:

How to find the right real estate pro :

From the listings, narrow down to a few names –

You will have to start the search from somewhere. Narrowing down to some agents that maybe work in your state is the first step to take. Contact them and ask them to send in their information as well as their portfolio to enable you to know more about them.

Start by talking with the agent’s recent clients –

Once you have the information provided by the real estate agent of your choice, take a bold step and start talking to their past or current clients. Ask the agent to provide you with a list of the clients they have worked with within the recent year plus their contact information. An agent who is straightforward will provide this information willingly. Once you have this list, contact the people on it and get to hear their experiences.

Check for appropriate licenses and disciplinary actions –

Every agent who is legal must be licensed. A state license is a must-have for the agent. Check with your state’s regularity body to find out if the agent you are considering is licensed and if they have any disciplinary actions or complaints filed against them. This information may also be available online.

Ask about any professional awards –

A huge endorsement to any real estate company is these professional awards because they are judged by their peers. These awards speak volumes about companies that are trusted and have a better attitude towards serving their customers.

Choose an agent who has the right credentials –

Depending on what you want to sell or buy, residential or commercial, get an agent who is properly certified with the right kind of knowledge to handle your request. The most designated credentials include Certified Residential Specialist, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and Accredited Buyers Representative.

Find out how much experience the agent has –

Find out how much experience the agent has –

A state licensing office can tell how long an agent has been in business or you can as well ask the agent directly. Do not hire an agent who is starting out their work with you because they are learning from you and it might be the worst experience ever. What you need is an agent who is actively involved in a particular area and price range and who demonstrated the knowledge of the work without hesitation.

Look at the real pro’s real estate investment listings

Check out the listings online like realtor.com which offers a searchable online database of properties in multiple listing services.

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