Top Benefits of a Smart Building Lighting System

by Real Estate 30 June 2021

Smart Building Lighting System

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the significant essentials in homes, cities, smart buildings, offices, and hospitals, among others. Lighting is also one of the highest-ranking when it comes to resource expenditure and high-energy consumption. However, technological advancement takes the high-expenditure factor away by introducing more efficient and lower energy-consuming smart building LED lighting systems.

Smart LED lighting systems are emerging as the major players in the development of IoT and smart cities. A smart building lighting system comes with immense benefits available to all, from the City building and infrastructure planners, homeowners, property managers, and even the government.

Benefits of a Smart Lighting System

Smart lighting plays one of the most significant roles in the rapid development of smart buildings and cities globally. The following benefits prove why they are a favorite for the rapidly developing smart buildings that include cities and homes.

1. Reduction of maintenance costs

1. Reduction of maintenance costs

One of the leading benefits of an innovative building lighting system is lower energy consumption. The adoption of LED intelligent lights made using LED technology help reduce lighting maintenance costs.

Smart LED lighting system, unlike the traditional regular system, is highly controllable and comes with dimmable features, wireless communication sensors, easier to set up configuration tools, networked controls, and other sophisticated controls that help with the reduction of maintenance and installation costs.

2. Improves energy efficiency

2. Improves energy efficiency

An intelligent lighting system, like those you can create by purchasing products from websites like Olympia Lighting, improves energy efficiency in more ways than traditional lighting sources do. Smart LED lights have characteristics and properties that meet all the demands of intelligent buildings and the modern population. Some of the traits that help to improve efficiency include monitors, IoT connectivity, and other collects that you only find in intelligent lighting systems.

They can also send real-time data of everything happening around the buildings to the authorities concerned and control systems, paving the way for utilizing actionable data to improve the existing lighting infrastructure. Smart LED lighting systems save up to 40% of lighting energy. An improvement in energy efficiency saves the city budget costs and homeowners money spent on high monthly electricity bills. Cities, governments, homes, and building owners protect the environment by channeling the savings to other worthy projects such as urban roads.

3. Enhances security3. Enhances security

Security and safety are a significant concern of everyone, starting from the government to its citizens, homeowners, and building management teams. A smart building lighting system offers enhanced security through street lighting, lighting up home pathways and gateways, and creating network canopies utilizing data to improve operational light efficiency.

Intelligent video analytics networked with a smart lighting system transmit real-time images and other necessary data of the surrounding place to a setup control system for immediate response. It is also easy to control an intelligent lighting system remotely when you are away from home to keep intruders out.

You do this by changing the colors or the light brightness to alert anyone with ill motives that someone in the house is doing actual control of the lights.

4. Visual Comfort

Using incorrect lighting is uncomfortable, and it can lead to visual problems. Traditional lighting sources do not have any means of controlling the amount of light need in a room, but it is easy to adopt an intelligent lighting system to suit the needs of its users. The intensity of a smart LED lighting system is easily adjustable to suit the moods of those in the room and make them feel better.

The controls have levels to control the amount of focus and illumination to eliminate any annoying bright effects. One of the places that benefit from the visual comfort provided by a smart lighting system is a hospital or healthcare facility. Smart lighting prevents visual fatigue and any momentary vision loss.

The lights have controls that adjust the illumination and focus levels, eliminating any annoying effects caused by bright lights.

Wrapping it up

The Smart building lighting system offers unique and just the right light in smart buildings, thus improving the agony of light intensity and high-energy consumption of the traditional sources. Intelligent lighting improves sustainability, people’s welfare, security, safety and adds beauty to the environment and buildings.

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