Google Ranking Factors That Could Be Useful for Your Business

by Business Development 04 December 2020

Google Ranking Factors

There is no denying that business management can be a frustrating ordeal, especially for those who are only getting started with their budding companies. With so many things to consider, it is no wonder why many business owners end up failing to realize the full potential of their startups. Fortunately, there are ways that can help improve brand visibility even from the very start, with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). A skilled SEO company can provide the push a business needs to start building visibility through the search rankings.

Without a doubt, one of the most critical parts of gaining a foothold in digital marketing would be through the use of Google. After all, most online shoppers utilize only Google as their search engine of choice, which means if the seller’s business ranks high within the results page of the Google search engine, the return on investment could be quite high. It is especially important to consider that it is the perfect time to build on brand exposure, as plenty of online shoppers are about to make big purchases as the holiday season rolls in.

For an online seller to experience any kind of success and ensure that their products and services are availed by their target audience, it is crucial to take SEO into account. Improving an online shop’s visibility in the search engine results page (SERP) is not just a suggestion — it is practically mandatory for those who want to ensure that they make the most out of their business. Here are just a few Google ranking factors that could be useful for those who want the best for their business!

The importance of a Google My Business account

The first thing that any business would want to do to get started when it comes to getting their name high up on the rankings would be to create a Google My Business account. While it might be mandatory to fill all of the necessary boxes when creating the account, being as accurate as possible when it comes to the details of the seller’s business is critical to gaining a foothold within the search rankings.

A Google My Business account is not the only thing to be considered, as there are plenty of other online business directories a seller can use, building profiles and citations that will make it even easier for others to find their online store.

The potential of the pay-per-click model with an SEO Company

SEO is typically within the realm of the organic strategy — helping businesses build a foundation of credibility as they work to get a higher ranking on organic results. That said, there is another method that can provide instantaneous results. The paid strategy involves the use of the PPC model as well as a few others to buy a spot in the paid rankings. While it is true that the organic method builds more on credibility, a company that can spare the resources to get a top spot in the paid rankings right away can get the data and metrics needed to go for a long term digital marketing strategy. With the help of a Seattle SEO Company, it is entirely possible for even a startup to gain instant success. The date that a business gets from trying out the paid strategy is often well worth the price of admission, as it can shed light on the different online shoppers that have visited the store.

Unique content, whether through products or blogs/articles, are crucial

If an online seller only sells the same products that many other stores sell, there is often no reason for any online shopper that has already found a similar store to bother with anything else. It is the reason why it is crucial to have unique content set up on the website. The use of content marketing as a means of SEO and a foundation of a digital marketing strategy can lead to plenty of success. For example, if an online store was to sell products involving electronics, it would be a good idea to have a blog featuring unique content regarding the best ways to use said electronics.

The same thing can be said for weight loss products, or just about anything else being sold by the company. Another thing to consider would be items that are unique only to the seller’s store. The ability to sell exclusive items is often well worth the time and effort, as it gives online shoppers a reason to visit the seller’s store compared to their competitors. While SEO in general is often about getting little victories by convincing online shoppers to get something they want from the online store, it is often a better idea to go for content marketing in the hopes of gaining repeat visitors.

Letting influencers help the store

Lastly, working with Internet personalities can have the added effect of spreading the seller’s message and products far and wide to an audience that may just well listen to their favorite content creator. It is a common marketing tactic, but one that many businesses tend to underestimate. In an age where a single opinion can matter for quite a bit, working with popular Internet celebrities can have far-reaching beneficial effects. While a subscriber might not be interested at the beginning, repeat viewings could very well convince them to give it a try. With the help of SEO alongside a digital marketing plan within the social media platform of choice, the possibilities are endless.

Google rankings matter — whether paid or organic — as more and more online shoppers are tuning-in due to the recent pandemic. As people are eschewing physical establishments to make use of online stores, the use of a quality Seattle SEO Company is wholeheartedly recommended to make the most out of the situation. It will result in more visibility through the rankings, as well as more potential repeat visitors that can guarantee the success of any business.adv

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