Is Everton getting back after eight winless games?

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At the time when Skysports was carrying out a report on premier league “hits and misses” where the columnist asked “Can Everton get back to just being mediocre?” many including Everton fans had lost hope. The team was on a downward spiral; it had lost five matches and was now entering a run of seven winless games. Kate Richardson, online sports betting expert and avid footballer follower who has written a comprehensive betfred boku could not hide her disappointment when she looked at the premier league table. If you want to learn more about Kate Richardson and her reviews on bookmakers that offer premier league bets, click here.

If you read through Rabona review, you will discover that the Everton matches are some of the popular predictions. With the losing streaks, it has been easy to predict the outcome of Everton matches. Mightytips has carried out a comprehensive Rabona review where betting enthusiasts can get information on this new bookie. It has relatively good promotions and offers that football fans can take advantage of when placing their bets on Everton as well as other premier league teams.

Fans are not happy

Everton fans have been getting angry at their team; the losing streak is putting them in a bad situation where their pride has been eroded. They had planned a protest following the humiliating defeat by a team that has just been promoted to the premier league, Brentford. Little did they know that another humiliating defeat awaited them during the Merseyside Derby.

The defeat was heavy such that the little pride that Everton fans had was all eroded. Many have lost hope with the team; a 4-1 defeat by Liverpool was their eighth winless game. Many were expecting that they would put up a fight given that they were under pressure to redeem them. This was not to happen as the team extended its losing streak. If the skylight columnist was to comment on the Merseyside Derby, one would have expected the title to be Everton right back, since everyone was expecting the team to put a spirited fight against their arch-rivals and prove to their fans that they are in the right form.

This was not to happen, the team was humiliated and many did not expect anything good to come out of them. The team is on a downward spiral in the premier league table and f you asked many football commentators, they would have told you that there is little hope that the team would get to play in the Europe cup come next year.

Similar situation, miles away

It is not just Everton which has experienced a bad season, a look at the Italian Serie A table will show you that Juventus is not where it ought to be. As put out by the Guardian a week ago, the team is moving from bad to worse. The team, just like Everton, a team that many described as exhibiting optimum rangers game during the previous season is recording dismal performance. Juventus, like Everton, has been on a losing streak, away from the Serie A table, they were humiliated 4-0 by Chelsea in their Champion’s league match, and they were defeated at home by Atlanta. Although Juventus is not in its best form, one cannot compare its performance with Everton.

Atlanta Stadium

Juventus is still a top contender given its position and also the fact that it has won a significant number of matches this season. Like Juventus, Everton is still hopeful that by the time the premier league table will be entering the home stretch, they will have turned the table and be in a position where they can participate in the Europe cup.

There is some hope, especially when considering their performance against Arsenal. When Arsenal scored its first goal in a late Monday night match, not many expected Everton to turn the table, but at the end of the extra-time, the team was at the top, having humiliated Arsenal with a 3-2 win. The fans are cheering again, the anger seems to have subsided, they are hopeful that the losing streak has been broken and at the team meets its premier league counterparts in the remaining match of the first half of the season, it will have curved itself a position to play in the Champion’s league and if they are not lucky enough get a slot at Europe cup.

Despite the win against Arsenal, fans are warned against being unrealistic; this is just one win against several weeks of losses. Rabona review would have informed the fans to be wary of early pride as they may get disappointed. Some point out that the win against Arsenal is pure luck, as nothing much has changed with the team, they are still making the same mistakes only that this time they were lucky.

Anyone who watched the match between Arsenal and Everton would tell you that the team was lucky as the last-minute attempt by Arsenal striker just shied away from getting into the net. If the match would have continued for another thirty seconds Everton would have just garnered one point out of the game.

What should be done to get Everton right back?

This is a question that many are asking especially fans who expect optimum ranger’s games from the team. Analysts have pointed out that Everton needs to:

  • Work on its pass accuracy
  • Boost its defense
  • Put lethal strikes in the starting squad
  • And if worst comes to the worst follow Manchester United and sack their manager

Whether these suggestions work for the team is only a matter of time. Many hope that the team has turned a new page by beating Arsenal and it will no longer be termed as a miss when commentators are reviewing their matches.

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