Main Trends In Elearning Software Development Industry

by Technology 04 May 2023

Elearning Software Development

Analysts of Polaris Market Research claim that the world’s eLearning market was estimated at more than $214 bln and is projected to hit nearly $1,124 billion by 2030. So, the specified branch will grow by over 20% annually.

Consequently, the educational application development sector is also rising rapidly. So, let’s clarify key tendencies in the online training app creation industry.

Features of Modern eLearning Software Development

Modern eLearning Software Development

First, choosing conscientious developers is necessary. For example, using the link, you may order qualitative online training app-making services. Remember, only reputable software engineering teams deliver solid IT products at good prices.

AV and VR Technology Integration

Such features allow simulating real-life scenarios as a part of an eLearning process. Consequently, learners obtain greater studying experience within training. Moreover, the mentioned technologies make the eLearning process much more engaging.

As a result, learners catch new things quicker, don’t get bored during lessons, and keep focused as well as interested in studying during the entire training course. You may find more info on this topic, e.g., at the Intetics official website.

Intensive Nanolearning Implementation

CNN claims that active social media usage leads to a significant reduction in attention span. As the digital environment is developing intensively nowadays, it’s currently almost impossible to avoid watching funny videos or listening to sound bites. As a result, numerous people worldwide have shortened attention spans today.

The mentioned phenomenon decreases studying capabilities. There are certain exercises that assist in expanding attention spans. So, you can do those practices to help yourself become more learnable.

At the same time, scientists invented specific solutions that propose concise and easy-to-absorb information to learners. They called this studying method nanolearning. More and more eLearning platforms implement the mentioned solutions today.

Gamification Features in Online Training Apps

According to Zippia, 61% of US employees obtain online education that includes game features. Moreover, about 83% of those taking such pieces of training feel more motivated as a part of the studying process. On the other hand, 61% of employees, who get regular online education without game elements, become bored soon.

Because of such statistics, developers worldwide started intensively integrating gamification features into their eLearning software. And analysts believe that this trend will become even stronger in the near future.

What Areas Are Most Promising in the Virtual Education Branch?

the Virtual Education Branch

Managers of well-known eLearning software development companies claim that the following studying branches are becoming increasingly popular:

  • financial wellness and work-life balance;
  • personal development (productivity hacks, dealing with stress, etc.);
  • coping with burnout at work.

To get more detailed information about the most promising areas of the online training industry, visit topical blogs (such as

Final Thoughts

Experts state the eLearning software development sector is becoming increasingly attractive for doing business. That’s due to online training itself being in high demand nowadays.

To succeed in the eLearning industry, you should implement modern features, like gamification elements, AV and VR technologies, as well as nanolearning, into your educational application. Furthermore, when developing an eLearning app, you should consider popular training areas, such as work-life balance or coping with stress.

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