What Are the Advantages of Lunch Tents & On-Site Break Areas?

by Real Estate Published on: 03 November 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

Lunch Tents

Things could get really challenging if you are doing some work at some outdoor construction site in the middle of the hot summer with the scorching sun making things truly miserable for you. What would you like to do during your lunch break? Would you wish to carry on eating and resting in the open with dust all around and disturbing loud noises everywhere? Obviously, you would like to rest in a preferably climate-controlled temporary fabric structure where you could relax, rest, and relish your lunch.

Everyone in your position would be opting for the temporary lunch tents or the on-site break areas. There are multiple advantages of having a lunch tent or temporary fabric structure. Here are some of the striking benefits.


A lunch tent could be fully customized as per the specific requirements of the project. You could opt for whatever size you require as these tents are available and could be installed in almost all sizes required. These temporary shelters could be custom tailored with accessories as per your requirements like flooring, door, lighting, interior walls, water services and more. These industrial tent structures are actually engineered in such a manner that they could be erected or dismantled and relocated according to the changing needs of any particular project. Therefore, modification and customization are simply no issues at all.

Protection from the Elements

The most important advantage of having a temporary on-site break area is that it provides a shelter and some sort of a protection from the elements. Extreme weather conditions could result in work delays that imply adverse impact on productivity, hence, reduction in revenue. When a temporary tent structure has been installed close to a construction site, your crew could stay protected in a safe area. They could take a relaxing break or continue with their work despite the blazing sun, heavy downpour, or freezing cold as the shelter would be covering the job-site.

Boost in Efficiency & Productivity

The most important purpose of having a lunch tent is often overlooked by some. These tents could boost the productivity and efficiency of your crew. You must never forget that a happy employee is a productive worker. Several studies have come up with the conclusion that employees are more productive and efficient if they get the opportunity to enjoy a quality break time. Your employees must feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy. Allow them to have their lunch peacefully in a climate-controlled temporary structure.


You must ensure employee safety as much as employee satisfaction. On-site safety issues should be your prime concern. Is your site in the middle of a desert? Are you located somewhere with a high possibility of some sort of an explosion close by? If yes, you must opt for a perfect blast-resistant module. These temporary structures could be engineered in such a manner that they could be withstanding heavy snow loads, strong winds, etc. implying that your crew could stay safe and comfortable in a climate-controlled tent irrespective of the outside weather conditions.

When choosing temporary structures, you should do a thorough background check of the company. The company must be well-known for excellence and innovation. The company must have all the standard licenses, certifications, and accreditations so that you could rely on them to provide compliant and safe tent solutions.

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