Critical Information You Need to Get Clarity on about DWI Insurance

by Insurance 18 April 2018

DWI Insurance

There is nothing bad like receiving a DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge. It is quite a costly and problematic occurrence that affects you in two ways: paying fines as well as legal fees and raising your insurance Critical Information You Need to Get Clarity on about DWI Insurance premiums. Ask anyone who has been through this charge and they will tell you how hard it was to get out of it.

The first and most important thing that you need to do when you are involved in such a legal incident is hired a dwi attorney. They will be able to help you navigate the maze of legal and judicial obligations that you would be required to fulfill to get your license, walk away with a light fine and avoid even get your records revoked!

Do not be surprised that DUI and your insurance policy are connected. That’s why a DUI can heavily affect your insurance premium.

What is your position after a DUI? 

Insurance companies always consider several factors in determining what you pay for coverage which includes your driving history. Most insurance companies will not cover drivers with DUI because the risk is too high. The few that offer you covers like the have their requirements laid out clearly.

In case of any DUI charge, there is a likeliness to see changes in your driving records as well as your insurance requirements. Do not hide from your insurance company. Instead, talk to them and to your local traffic authorities.

How do you answer the charges?

The first and only way to restore your driving reputation is by answering your DUI charges. This includes following the judicial process and abiding by all given penalties and sentences.  By doing this, you work to restore your driving record that is hurt by this charge and prove that you can still be a trustworthy driver.

Following through with the legal process is necessary to ensure that you have a clean record. This is why you will need to work with your lawyer to ensure you get the security clearance for DUI charges. Once you have it with you, driving again without any issues all over the country will not attract any charges or penalties.

Notify your insurance carrier:

A DUI charge always affects your insurance coverage; your rates will likely increase while some companies will even drop your coverage after a charge like this. In most cases, your local court shall be the one to notify your insurance agency about your charge. Irrespective of whether you lose your current policy or not, your insurance agency can guide you to choose the appropriate coverage.

Get your SR 22 certificate:

An SR 22 certificate is a document that most states require after a DWI charge. SR 22 certificates verify details about your state DMI offices where you have issued the certificate at a nominal fee. Remember, an SR 22 is not an insurance policy. It expires after a few years and you have to maintain a clean driving record during this entire season.

Don’t repeat this offense!

Once caught with this offense, do all you can to never repeat it because it will make your driving life worse. You should also abide by the SR-22 rehabilitation, probation, and other penalties that you receive due to the offense. It is important that you pay your penalties and make sure you restore your driving reputation.

What is the way out? 

The way out of a DUI or DWI is not to drive under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. Sobriety and responsibility is the only way to keep yourself safe while on the road. Learning from your mistakes is important because you will not get into the same situation again.

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