Club Pilates: Is The High Membership Cost Worth It?

by Job & Career 23 September 2023

Club Pilates

Spending on a gym membership adds significant value to your life. But, as valuable as it may be, it should not come with a hefty cost. However, sometimes, the services and the programs you get are worth the price. 

But should it still be worthwhile spending? If we get into a more focused discussion, club pilates is one option that takes lots of consideration and reconsideration on your part. Why? Because it does appear to be on the expensive side.

Considering the price points is vital because Club Pilates includes modern and traditional gym techniques to give you a great fitness experience. If you are confused about the pricing plans and how much they cost, I suggest going through this article. 

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost?

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost

If you are willing to take classes from Club Pilates, then here is a breakdown of their pricing plans to help you –

  • Do you want to complete access to their classes? In that case, you must take the membership that costs you $199. You can take as many of their classes as you want.
  • But, if you want to limit yourself to a few classes a month, then the $84 pricing plan might be what you want. This membership plan only gives you access to four classes a month. 
  • You can increase that four number of classes to 8, and then you are looking at the $149 per month membership plan. 
  • But, if you need 10 classes, you must spend $219 monthly. 

However, looking at the different pricing plans for the Club Pilates membership, it is difficult to understand whether you should go for it. Go through the next sections to learn more about the same. 

So, if you want an overall idea or average cost of the classes, it will depend on the number of classes and the studio you are joining. The first class is free of charge. Thanks to these free classes, you will understand whether the courses you are putting your money into are worth having. The average cost usually ranges between $50 to 150.

If you do not have any fixed schedule for going to the gyms and taking classes, then opting for the Drop-in classes can help you a lot. In this case, the single classes will cost you around $30 to $35. 

What Is Club Pilates Passport?

Club Pilates enjoyers can visit every Club Pilates Studio across the country. So, if they are traveling and still want to take their Drop-in classes, the Club Pilates Passport can help them. However, the Drop-in classes for the Passport holders will charge more than what they charge the all-access membership holders. 

Can You Lose Weight With Club Pilates?

Can You Lose Weight With Club Pilates

Yes, you can lose weight using the Club Pilates exercise. They provide their membership holders with a low-impact exercise that can potentially strengthen your core. You can also make yourself more flexible and agile and improve the posture of your body.

Their effective diet plans and exercises will help you lose weight and burn your calories. Most of their workout plans involve exercising on the Pilates Reformer Machine. The intention here is to use resistance training to build your muscle strength. 

On top of losing weight, you will also work to build muscle mass that improves your metabolism. Eventually, you will burn more calories in a day. Also, Club Pilates workout programs provide you with a full-body workout plan that targets different muscle groups of your body. So, if you are thinking about an effective weight loss and strength-building program, this is what you are looking for. 

Despite the training courses’ effectiveness, you must follow a routine diet and training plans to reach your health goals (even with Club Pilates). It would be beneficial if you tried to stick to your membership plan and the routine of workouts it has for you. 

Why Are Pilates Lessons Usually Costly?

The Pilates training programs are effective (there is no doubt about that). But why do they cost so much? If you are spending $150 per month, you are paying $1800 a year. Some Pilates (with few members) charge more for the membership. 

Some people on the internet claim that they spend around $10,000 a year. So why does it involve that much cost?

Here are a few reasons –

  • Pilates trainers must undergo expensive certification programs to qualify for certified training. So, their expertise comes at a significant cost. 
  • Also, if the pilates clubs are smaller, they will cost you more because running a small club with fewer members involves more operational costs on their part. The price is determined based on the operating costs. Typically, this would increase the cost you have to pay for the classes. The machines and the studio spaces take up a considerable amount of charge.
  • The demand for Club Pilates is increasing. Also, some members want to get more exclusive access to their trainers; hence, they are ready to pay a higher amount than what people would normally spend. 

Is Club Pilates Worth It?

Yes, the club pilates memberships are expensive if you are looking at it from the pricing perspective. But, if you consider the value it adds to your life, then it might seem worthwhile. Let me tell you how.

You can take it from the people who have already attended the classes and are seeing some results. However, when it comes to your personal fitness and exercises, you can have your own preferences. Before you just judge it according to the price for the classes, it would help to get a first-hand experience yourself. 

Here are a few reasons that might compel you to join Club Pilates –

Why You May Not Want To Join Club Pilates?

There are also a few reasons why you do not want to join Club Pilates. Go through all of these reasons –

  • The classes are expensive.
  • The class time varies, and it may not work with different schedules.
  • One must commit at least three months to see their results. 
  • Most locations do not have a flat pricing point. 
  • Their cancellation process is very strict. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of Club Pilates, do you think it would be a worthwhile choice? The price is definitely high. But the service that you get is also up to the mark. Before you consider or leave the possibility of choosing Club Pilates, it would be wise to take all the pros and cons into account. 

Hopefully, this article provided you with the information you were looking for. But, if you have any issues concerning this query, let us know through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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