7 Classic Colors Suitable For Any Kitchen

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Every homeowner wants his/her house to be warm and inviting while at the same time be speaking the personality of its owners. To that end, homeowners add color, texture, and perspective to their homes.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Here, families create, eat, make plans at kitchen tables over teacups, and sometimes work at home business. The colors on the walls need to be conducive to thinking, creating, and gathering as a family. So what color should you paint your kitchen?

7 Classic Colors Suitable For Any Kitchen:

1. Large, Open Kitchens:

Open KitchensThere is no need to make a large, open kitchen “feel bigger.” Paint colors can be bold. Trending now is red.

Red is a vibrant color, one that elevates blood pressure, raises the energy level of a room, and boldly draws attention. In a kitchen, you want people to be excited, strike up some conversation, and get excited.

Many homeowners paint their walls red, leaving their bright white cabinets and countertops to provide contrast. Other homeowners paint everything except the range and refrigerator red. Then there are homeowners who paint one wall to use as a focus wall. How you paint your large, open kitchen depends on what you want to highlight with the color.

2. Kitchens With Lots Of Natural Light:

In a room with plenty of natural light, you won’t want bold colors to fade. You’ll want cooler, lighter hues to provide a pop of color in all that light. Trending now is pink.

Pink is considered a “girly” color, but actually, the opposite is true. Pink is refreshing, calming, happy, and creative. Remember that pink is a shade of red, which is usually associated with love and nurturing. What better place than a kitchen to love and nurture one’s family?

This is where you want to paint the walls in this light color and leave the bright white or wood stain cabinets as they are for contrast. The natural light reflects the color wonderfully and adds to the happy mood of the room.

3. Retro Kitchens:

Retro Kitchens

Those who love kitchens resembling a ’50s diner use colors that were popular then. Do you remember the black and white checkerboard floor? Many homeowners using retro sinks, banquettes, ranges, and refrigerators paint them in the colors of their favorite time. The most popular color for retro kitchens is peach.

Just those kitchen appliances listed above painted in peach will add a pop of color to contrast the bright white or wood stain cabinets and countertops. Don’t be surprised by people dropping in who wear ponytails or suddenly break into a twist!

4. Farmhouse Kitchens:

Farmhouse KitchensFarmhouse kitchens provide natural materials and plenty of natural light to the room. Wood ceiling beams, wood floors, open shelves, and imaginative pendant lighting mark a room as homey, a place in which everyone wants to be. So what color would you paint such a popular room?

Why, green, of course. Numerous homeowners with farm kitchens want to reflect nature all around the house. The green of the trees, the grass, and the stems and leaves of flowers and foods grown in the vegetable patch all reflect in the kitchen.

Green is a calming color, indicative of comfort and healing. There are very good reasons hospitals paint their rooms pale green.

5. Galley Kitchens:

Galley KitchensGalley kitchens take their name from their contemporaries on ships and airplanes. Long and somewhat thin, galley kitchens may have just as much storage space as in large, open kitchens, but it’s arranged differently. To make a galley kitchen feel bigger, a coat of light paint is in order. Think pale blue.

There are dozens of shades of pale blue, and we all have our favorites. Pale blue brings down the blood pressure, calms, and relaxes. The light color will make the space feel larger, while at the same time setting visitors to the room at ease.

6. Small Kitchens:

Small KitchensAt some time, we’ve all lived in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen. It only had one window, if it had one at all, and we ate on a stool at the smallest counter you ever saw. There might have been only three or four cabinets, and we had to pack them with the food and dishes. It would take an expert from uniquedesign to make that space look bigger.

Or would it? Perhaps a coat of light tangerine paint would give the small space some punch. The color gives a room some excitement, giving its visitors energy and enthusiasm. It’s a happy color and one that will make your small kitchen pop.

7. Other Types of Kitchens:

We’ve covered large and small kitchens, but kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Perhaps you have a butler’s pantry that you use as a second kitchen. You might use it to prepare feasts for serving in your outdoor kitchen and living space. If that’s the case, it will need a coat of paint.

If this room isn’t available to any visitors, then you can paint it whatever shade you like. Do you like purple? Stagger shades such as eggplant, light purple, and an ice lilac shade. Mixing and matching room accents like window treatments, accessories, small appliances, and rugs will really make the room vibrant and warm.

Purple evokes thoughts of royalty and power. In your kitchen, it’s all about creativity, energy, and calming. It’s about imagination. Your cabinets could be painted a purple grape shade, while the walls around it are painted lavender. Dishes of a deep plum color and napkins of lilac would complement the décor.

Eggshell or satin paint will give a smaller room an impression of size. Many homeowners paint the trim a bright white. Some mix the shade they’ve chosen, let’s say royal blue, with something else to make it look almost white; then they paint the trim with that shade. Feel free to let us know how we can express your personality in your kitchen.

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