How To Choose A Commercial Warehouse Location?; Know Here

by 23 May 2023

Commercial Warehouse Location

Today’s topic’s theme is finding the right location for a commercial warehouse.

We will consider all the important locational factors before setting up the warehouse. However, before dwelling on that, let us first comprehend why we must find the right location. Can’t we just set up a warehouse anywhere? After all, all we need is free land and then set the warehouse as per the need. However, setting up a warehouse does not work like that.

We must find a perfect location not to spend more than we should. Furthermore, having the right location also impacts the business’s success. Hence, no matter whether your firm is big or small, everyone must choose the location wisely. Learn how to choose a commercial warehouse location and start a victorious journey ahead. 

Locational Factors To Be Considered While Choosing A Commercial Warehouse

If you want a viable location for your commercial warehouse from a financial and management point-of-view, take these factors into account.

1. Degree of transport accessibility

Transportation is the first and foremost factor to consider while setting up a commercial warehouse. Furthermore, in transportation, you need to check if the chosen location has transport accessibility or not.

In such considerations, you must have a far-sighted vision and thus open all the transportation opportunities. You must ensure that the location from major highways and roadway networks is close. Moreover, you should also see the nearest airports, seaports, and other transportation facilities distance from your location. Then there is the “ease of access” factor that helps collaboration with logistics. For instance, logistics support will naturally collaborate with a warehouse located in an easier terrain than the tough ones.

2. Having access to the nearest suppliers

Once you secure a location that has favorability to transportation, you need to add another factor to the picture. Now you need to see how far is your farthest supplier from that location. If you have multiple suppliers, you can choose a location with an average distance from all of them. It will help you easily and promptly access the raw materials.

3. Security factors 

Security factors are yet another important factor because why not? Your warehouse setup will store valuable items and sometimes from big companies. Hence, as a responsible warehouse manager, you must provide them with a secure space. For this purpose, you can contact the local authority and check the records of safety issues in that location.

Enquire about the break-in history of that area to have a rough idea about the security level. Furthermore, while locating the right commercial warehouse, you can also check in security features such as CCTV installations, facial recognition systems, safe goods parking areas, etc.

4. Facilities, services, and infrastructures

A viable commercial warehouse offers services and infrastructural facilities for all goods. Hence, while allocating your finances in a commercial warehouse, check if the location allows the installation of various facilities. For instance, check if the place is viable for setting up cold storage or not.

Cold storage infrastructure is necessary if your commercial warehouse will collaborate on vegetables, fruits, meats, and any other perishable material. Likewise, operating a warehouse also requires 24*7 electricity and water connections. Hence you must also ensure that the place offers secure electricity and water connections.

5. Overall accessibility

After considering all the factors, you must ensure that the chosen location offers easy accessibility to your clients. Most importantly, see if it is accessible to the buyers if your warehouse also swells in selling wholesale products. Being in average proximity will ensure that more and more people come to your warehouse and make the purchase.

Moreover, the location of your commercial warehouse must also be accessible for your workers. If you put a warehouse in a remote location, it is unlikely that any work will turn up. Furthermore, workers themselves would not apply to work in a store that spends away most of the wages on transport.


All aspects above are critical when locating the best site for a commercial warehouse. However, not all locational features may be found in a single warehouse. Some may lack accessibility, while others may lack security. As a result, you must carry out good research before the selection. 

Furthermore, if it becomes problematic in your region, determine which of the factors above outweighs your locational criterion. Thus, please be careful about how to choose a commercial warehouse location. You may easily determine which warehouse best serves your interests. 

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