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by Health Care Services 28 April 2021

If you have been prescribed carbimazole, it means that you are suffering from an overactive thyroid gland. And this thionamides medications type can help you to control the production of hormones by the thyroid and decrease their synthesis.

The most common pharmaceutical form for this thyroid cure is carbimazole capsules that are convenient to take.

For successful treatment, your doctor must give you all the imperative information and vital warnings for use, including contraindications, interaction with other pills and medications, effects on the ability to drive, signs and reactions on overdose, how to enhance your treatment, and get the most out of it, possible issues that may arise when taking carbimazole capsules and how to eliminate them.

Thus, possible side effects may be:

nausea and a feeling of sickness:

try to adjust your diet, adding more food that promotes fast metabolism;

headache or body aches, especially in your joints and muscles:

stay hydrated, maintain the appropriate water balance of your body, and ask your doctor for efficient analgetic;

allergic reaction, such as itchy skin:

in such a case, antihistamine medications must be added to your therapy;

sense of taste loss:

it will restore after you stop taking carbimazole capsules.

Every patient must always be warned about possible outcomes and should be instructed on how to act in the events if some of the undesirable and unpleasant side effects occur. Probably, the smartest decision would be to stop the medical course and seek advice from a proficient health care specialist.

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Carbimazole capsules: buy at affordable prices

When it comes to purchasing carbimazole capsules, buy only from verified and reputable drug stores such as Kennedy’s Pharmacy.

But remember that before starting to manage your overactive thyroid gland disorder, consult an endocrinologist to enhance your recovery since treatment of hyperthyroidism must be carried out only under the supervision of a professional endocrinologist in the clinic, as this is a rather dangerous disease.

Don’t self-medicate and accurately follow the guidance. If you choose Kennedy’s Pharmacy, apart from attractive prices and the comprehensive approach of pharmacists, you can use a pharmacy delivery service for more convenience and easier healing for your disorder.

Now, let’s explore the disease that can be treated with carbimazole capsules in more detail.

Hyperthyroidism causes and sings-

Hyperthyroidism causes and sings-

Risk factors:

Infections, constant stress, emotional and psychological trauma can be the main causes of overactivity of the thyroid gland.

The onset of the disease can also be associated with hereditary factors. All patients with autoimmune diseases are at risk. This condition can also be caused by the uncontrolled use of medications containing thyroid hormones.

The development of the disease is also influenced by the environmental situation or chronic iodine deficiency. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are more common in women than in men.


The main signs are rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), excessive sweating, constant nervousness, irritability, and anxiety. Frequent mood swings, fatigue, weakness, depression, sleep issues are also observed. Fever or involuntary and rhythmic handshaking are possible.

A patient may experience unintentional weight loss since, with hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, all metabolic processes are accelerated.

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