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When the stocks market appears jittery or when the economic times get tough, many investors turn to gold as a safe haven. Many savvy investors are always looking for a safe investment asset with a proven track record of gains, one of which is gold.

Gold has unique traits that make it an excellent counterpoint to regular securities like bonds and stocks. Even though it doesn’t produce much cash flow, it is a store of value, and many investors say it is a hedge against inflation. Let’s look at some ways to invest in gold online.

#Gold bullion

Gold bullion

You can own gold physically in the form of gold bullion, commonly known as gold bars. That gives you the satisfaction of touching it and looking at it. Gold bullion is sold by ounce or gram, and the manufacturer, purity, and weight should be stamped on the bar.

Note that purity is crucial when buying gold. At least 99.5% purity makes it a quality gold bar for investment. Remember that you cannot hold less pure gold in a gold IRA.

You can buy gold bullion online from reputable gold dealers. Also, keep in mind that you have to cater for delivery fees and insurance for the safe delivery of your gold bar. This method of gold investment comes with the risk that someone can steal the gold from you if it is not protected.

#Gold coins

Gold coins, e.g., the American gold eagle and Canadian maple leaf, are among the most valuable gold coins popular with collectors. The collector aspect simply means that you pay a premium over what you would otherwise pay for the same amount of gold in bar form.

It is important to note that gold coins have a lower gold content than gold bars. For instance, one ounce of American eagle coin has 91.67% gold, and the rest of the content is silver and copper. But you can still hold American eagle gold coins in gold IRAs.

You can buy and sell gold coins through individual sellers, pawnshops, or dealers you trust. If you opt to buy and sell gold coins online, it is best to work with dealers listed under the US mint’s database, such as https://crowngoldexchange.com. You don’t want to get scammed buying less pure gold than you expected.

#Gold futures

Gold futures

Gold futures enable you to speculate on the fluctuating gold prices. Many investors invest in gold futures due to the significant amount of leverage it comes with. For instance, you can own many gold futures with a relatively small amount of money. You can make a lot of profits if you think gold prices will move in the direction you predict.

However, if gold moves against you, you will be forced to put up significant amounts of money to maintain the contract known as margin hence losses. You also need a broker who allows gold futures trading.


Although gold investment is not without risks, it comes with benefits like a defensive store of value and portfolio diversification with an excellent track record of liquidity, returns, and low correlations.

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