Should Your Business Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney: Experts Talk

by Legal Published on: 16 November 2020 Last Updated on: 29 October 2022

Criminal Defense Attorney

Most businesses make the mistake of not having a good criminal defense attorney, such as the various lawyers in jonesbro ar, on their payroll from the very start. According to experts, there are two kinds of professionals, which are invaluable to a business organization right from their inception- lawyers and accountants.

As a business owner or a CEO, if you have been issued a summons or been called in for questioning, you are too late.

In other words, now you will always be swimming against the tide. Hiring a good criminal lawyer can help you anticipate the challenges and arm yourself for a quick and positive response.

In this article, we ask some leading experts on whether businesses should hire a criminal defense attorney or not.

Smaller Law Firms versus Larger Law Firms: What businesses should go for

According to experts, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of going with both, bigger firms and smaller firms.

Bigger law firms have the best criminal defense attorney and expert resources at their disposal. They work with trained PI’s and use other networking resources to ensure that your business does not suffer because of a lawsuit.

As they enjoy a lot of financial and legal clout, police officers, legal authorities, and even judges in some cases might fear trespassing on their interests. However, bigger firms mean bigger fees and cheques. If you are a Fortune 500 company, you might look at this as a good safety investment, much like an Insurance policy.

Smaller businesses, especially start-ups cannot afford to work with one-million-dollar retainer law firms. They will have to do with smaller law firms who can be engaged with on a case-by-case basis. Yes, you do lose out on some of the additional resources, but you do save on a lot of money.

Some things Businesses need to consider when choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

1. Availability and Time-

While this might seem something to be obvious, you need to clarify the same with your lawyer or legal firm. Lawyers are notorious for not being available in person and delegating the task or a meeting to their subordinates. This can not only harm your legal interests but be a very annoying and irritating thing to keep getting worried about.

2. Prices and Affordability-

Lawyers and law firms have different payment structures. This means that while some may be okay with monthly fees, others might demand an upfront retainer. Depending on what suits your business the best, you can pursue a lawyer or a legal firm accordingly. The more experienced and well-networked the lawyer, the higher would be his or her fees.

3. Well-rounded Experience and Skill-Set-

Unlike individual criminal cases, where you might prefer specializations when it comes to an attorney for your business, you might want someone with rounded experience. He or she should be as comfortable dealing with sexual harassment cases as forgery and fraud cases. This is another reason why law firms are preferred as they have lawyers of all specializations.

4. Alignment of Interests-

Major businesses shell out millions of dollars every year on law firms because of one specific reason- they understand the business. In other words, there is an expectation that the law firm knows the business, aligns with its interests, and shares the same goals for its success. This is very important as it will make the firm better represent the business in legal cases.

The Final Word

Depending on the nature and size of your company, you can make the selection for your legal counsel of choice. However, businesses and business leaders should not wait to hire a legal expert with the police or authorities knocking on their doors. By following the above pointers in the article, you can ensure that your business is always prepared to face any and every kind of legal threat, which is thrown at it.

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