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by Business Development Published on: 13 July 2018 Last Updated on: 05 October 2022

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Selling your products online is among the best decisions you will make on your journey as an entrepreneur. Online selling is the most efficient way because all transactions are done online, and therefore you are always guaranteed of receiving payments. Moreover, you are the price setter, and the prices you set are always fixed, and this always makes your chances of making more profit higher. In most cases, online selling allows you to reply quickly to questions from customers and thus to clear any doubts that the customer may have about your goods or services.

And online selling allows you to reach out to more customers than you could have done by setting up a physical shop and this means that your sales are always more when you carry out online selling. Sell on Shopify Print on Demand Drop Shipping with Printify to enjoy all these advantages among others.

Once you sign up on Shopify, you are then able to get an online shop. An online shop is a virtual shop where you sell your products to your customers from. In most cases, the shop is just empty and therefore it’s up to you to design it as you wish including coming up with the logo for the shop. A logo is not only your shop’s name but also a representation of your mission and vision as well as goods or services that your shop offers. Coming up with a perfect logo which captures all these things is quite challenging and time-consuming. As a result, it is prudent to use several tools which are in the form of software. The software always come in handy as they help you in developing your logo from generating or creating a logo as well as in the entire development process. Some of these tools include;


UCraft is an online company whose primary focus is on website development. However, UCraft also provides a tool for making a logo to its clients for free. The logo generator tool has different shapes, colors, and texts which are used in web development. Clients can use Craft’s logo development tool to come up with a log for shops within a short while and export the logo to the shop.


Logomkr is a software that comes in handy when you are coming up with a logo for your shop. The software is accompanied by videos which illustrate how to use different tools to come up with an excellent logo. The software has an interface where users drag the different shapes they wish to use in coming up with a logo, and then the software executes the role of combining the different shapes picked by the user.

Online logo maker:

Online logo maker generates suggestions of logos for you to pick from and if you are too satisfied with the recommendations, you are always free to choose different symbols and add text and images to come up with your logo. Online logo maker also allows you to download your logo for free.

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