6 Reasons To Invest In The Upcoming Central Park Community

The real estate industry in Dubai has been gaining traction within the past few years. Based on the previous year’s S&P Global Ratings analysis report, the prices for real estate deliverables will be experiencing a decline between 5%-10%, before stabilizing in the year 2020. With the oversupply of property development projects and lesser demand in the local sector, it is becoming evident that 2019 has become a viable year for potential investors to cash in for cheaper gains. And what better way to utilize that sum of money other than investing it into one of the most promising residential projects around Central Park by Meraas. Here are 6 of the most influential elements key to you making that leap of faith:

1. Reputable Developer:

Central Park at City Walk is being spearheaded by the trusted developer, Meraas. Having accomplished success in the creation of Jumeirah Bay and City Walk itself, the real-estate developer is hoping to create more achievements towards its growing portfolio of property investments. By having Meraas as your preferred developer, you are sure to receive better value for what you are looking to invest.

2. Location:

Strategically located in the center of City Walk Dubai, Central Park is looking to become a famous local name for both locals and foreigners alike, hoping to stay in Dubai. Having access to Sheikh Zayed Road provides easier traveling solutions too where domestic and foreign vacationers may opt to travel to other popular tourist hotspots such as Burj Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah!

3. Facilities and Amenities:

Central Park by Meraas at City Walk is also surrounded by numerous public facilities upon which residents enjoy on a daily basis. Public transportations like the Dubai Metro as well as plenty of dining spots to indulge in providing extra incentives for potential guests to stay, and maybe even buy, a house in Central Park!

4. Unit Types:

Central Park by Meraas offers more alternative unit lots than any other development projects in Dubai! Offering alternatives for single workers to extravagant families looking for luxury living, Central Park is looking to provide for every type of individual here in Dubai. Central Park will be providing 1-bedroom apartments up until 4-bedroom houses for the benefits of its customers and guests.

5. Value for Money:

Due to the decreasing prices of properties in Dubai, off-plan projects such as Central Walk is being sold at an all-time low! In promoting more potential investors, Meraas have been offering discounts for purchases of its upcoming development projects. This ensures that potential buyers will be looking to purchase Central Walk properties at a locked market price while ensuring more potential profit in the near future!

6. Nature at Home:

Not many off-plan projects provide what Central Park is looking to offer: nature at the palm of your hands. Central Park is being developed as an all-encompassing green project where plants and greeneries will be abundant. Nature-lovers, as well as peace-goers, may look into purchasing a house in Central Park for the atmospheric value and experience not many have been known to provide in Dubai.

With all these shared upon, it is evident that Central Park by Meraas is looking to provide more potential value than what it is worth.

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