The Best Startups For Students And Where To Start

by Startups 19 September 2023


The startup world is a thrilling realm of innovation and potential.

For many students, launching a startup is not just about potential financial returns but about changing the world, solving problems, and kickstarting their entrepreneurial journey. But where should they start, and which areas present the most promise for young and budding entrepreneurs? Let’s delve into the best startup sectors for students and the initial steps to venture into entrepreneurship.

1. EdTech: The Digital Classroom

Digital Classroom

The educational sector has seen a massive digital shift, with the recent pandemic hastening the transition. As the primary users, students have firsthand experience and knowledge about the gaps and opportunities in the educational system. EdTech startups can range from e-learning platforms, student community forums, and virtual reality educational experiences to AI-driven personalized study guides.

  • Starting Point: Begin by identifying a specific problem you or your peers face. It could be anything from difficult-to-understand concepts to a lack of quality practice questions for a specific subject. Then, develop a tech solution to address it.

2. Health and Well-being Apps

Mental and physical well-being, especially among students, is paramount. With rising awareness about mental health issues and the need for regular fitness regimes, there’s an increasing demand for platforms offering personalized advice, therapeutic chatbots, virtual workouts, and mental health forums.

Starting Point: Tap into your university’s psychology and sports departments. Collaborate with experts and understand the current gaps. You could even conduct surveys to gather student-specific data on health needs.

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3. Sustainable Living and Green Tech

Sustainable Living

With climate change taking center stage, sustainable living solutions are becoming the need of the hour. Startups in this sector can involve sustainable product marketplaces, eco-friendly daily-use products, or platforms to spread awareness and teach sustainable living habits.

Starting Point: Investigate the biggest sustainability issues in your local community. It might be waste management, energy consumption, or water usage. Design a solution keeping your community in mind, and then think about how it can be scaled globally.

4. Personal Finance and Budgeting

Students often struggle with managing finances, making budgeting apps or platforms guiding students on student loans, saving, or even investing highly relevant.

Starting Point: If you’re from a business or finance background, this is right up your alley. If not, partner with someone who has this expertise. Understand the financial challenges faced by your peers and design a user-friendly solution.

5. Gig Economy Platforms

freelance opportunities

With more students looking for freelance opportunities or short-term gigs, platforms connecting skilled students with suitable gigs are in demand. This could range from tutoring, graphics designing, content writing, coding tasks, and more.

Starting Point: Research existing platforms and identify their shortcomings. Perhaps they’re not student-specific or don’t cater to niche skills. Then, create a platform focusing on these gaps.

6. AI and Machine Learning

The AI revolution is here. If you have a tech background, developing AI tools or platforms for various sectors (like health, finance, or even art) can be a gold mine.

Starting Point: This field requires a deep understanding of AI and machine learning. Join online courses or university clubs focused on AI. Collaborate with peers, work on projects, and identify where AI can bring transformation.

Final Takeaways

Starting a business, especially as a student, might seem daunting. However, remember, some of the most successful startups today were once just ideas in college dorms.

Your unique perspective as a student is an asset. Remember, every big venture begins with a single step. As a student, you’re poised at a vantage point filled with resources, a network, and, most importantly, time. Harness these advantages and embark on your entrepreneurial journey!

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