6 Benefits of Regional Business Fibre Zones

by Business 20 April 2022

Regional Business

Years of slow internet speeds have hampered Australian businesses. And when a company becomes too slow and unreliable, it will never be profitable.

The Australian government hopes to solve this problem with regional business fibre. This programme aims to make enterprise connectivity more affordable for all businesses.

Read on to learn about the benefits of this open-access network.

What are the Benefits of NBN Business Fibre Zones Across Australia?

NBN Co chief executive Stephen Rue is not pleased to merely offer the same old service at a slow speed. That is why NBN offers Multi-Technology Mix for unified communications.

Using MTM, regional Australia can break free of unreliable internet, regardless of location.

Also, expect to experience fantastic business benefits like the following:

1. NBN is a Great Option for Retail Service Providers (RSPs).

When dealing with the government-owned NBN, business owners often wait for a long time. To that end, NBN is partnering with various RSPs to interface with consumers.

RSPs will ensure improved customer service and field competence.

That is not all. RSPs also offer bundle deals. So, you can now cut costs and have more certainty over their data inclusions.

2. NBN Co Ensures Fast Internet Services for Regional Businesses and Online Collaboration.

NBN is in such high demand because of its speedy internet. And businesses know that speed equals productivity. By boosting productivity, you can create new opportunities for innovation and growth.

The NBN 100Mbps download speeds are four times quicker than ADSL2+’s 24Mbps speed. Operations like starting video chats across the globe will be easier at this speed.

Also, you can edit documents simultaneously using screen-sharing software at this speed. Doing so will take less time to email colleagues to ask for files.

The network will also be faster outside capital city centres with NBN speeds of:

  • 12/1 Mbps
  • 25/5 Mbps
  • 50/20 Mbps
  • 100/40 Mbps

Goodbye to buffering and disconnections. Now, you can connect with your clients without a glitch.

3. NBN Fibre Zones Have a Wholesale Price Open-Access.

The free-flowing data network is another NBN initiative. Crowd-sourced data and public sites will be the primary data sources for this project. So, more businesses will save money on data collection and increase efficiency.

NBN’s Enterprise Ethernet will go 1 Gbps at significantly reduced wholesale prices. With these prices, NBN Co shows its commitment to Australians’ ICT requirements.

If you are an RSP, you can exchange unneeded data across all 121 POIs’ geographical zones. Your every cent counts. Access the same support for businesses in capital cities at the same wholesale price.

4. NBN Business Fibre Zones Help with Online Presence.

For small businesses, online promotion is everything. You’ll need potential customers to find you easily.

Otherwise, it does not matter how good your products or services are. If people cannot find you, no one will buy what you sell.

So, if your business is small and you are looking to promote it online, it is critical to have a strong web presence. Having a good website will keep bringing in new customers. But this will only run smoothly when you have reliable internet.

With better online connectivity, new customers are within your reach. Regional businesses can access content hosting and cloud-based business operations with business-grade fibre. These services will greatly help you grow your online presence.

Thanks to the internet, businesses can thrive, including those in regional communities.

5. NBN Co Business Fibre Has Excellent Customer Support.

NBN Co has a dedicated 24-hour operations centre for business support. The centre manages business cases and fault fixes. It also supports streamlined and reliable communication with fibre digital services.

The result? A faster, more efficient solution for your business needs.

6. NBN Fibre Has Various Points of Interconnection

A point of interconnection connects the NBN network to Broadband.

Initially, the NBN design included 14 POIs. But this would mean slower speeds, less connectivity, and more network friction.

NBN Co added 121 POIs to its arsenal, guaranteeing dependability, speed, and excellent connection.

The following POI locations are in telephone exchange buildings and state-by-state distribution:

  • NSW: 41
  • QLD: 22
  • WA: 14
  • VIC: 30
  • SA: 9

Final Thoughts

When it comes to connecting to the commercial internet, there is no better option than fibre.

NBN Fibre provides unmatched download and upload speeds, web security, resiliency, and scalability. Corporations, small companies, and organisations of all sizes can benefit.

You may also have cable-free connections across your entire network, as long as you ensure that you have suitable wi-fi modems and access points.

These business fibre zone benefits on regional centres could significantly boost Australia’s gross domestic product.

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