Are you a Woman Entrepreneur? Check out these Loans

by Entrepreneurship 08 January 2019

Woman Entrepreneur

Are you a female entrepreneur who needs additional capital to grow your business and take it to the next level? Are you struggling to launch your business at first place? Do you need funds to diversify your offerings and expand your business?

If your answer is yes, then keep on reading this article: check out how other women entrepreneurs like you found financial solutions to support their business. Get inspired and follow their successful examples!

Success story #1 – A nutritious and brilliant idea:

Kristen Moffatt is the owner of Wasatch Nectar, a raw, all-natural product formulated for athletes. She got the idea for creating Wasatch Nectar a couple of years ago while baking. When Kristen was on a long hike, she decided to skip out on nutrition because most energy bars and gels contained artificially flavored sugar syrups that were hard to digest. Unfortunately, that was a bad decision because she almost collapsed when she got off to rest.

Therefore, Kristen decided to take on the trails with her honey from her own beehives enhanced with electrolytes and other healthy foods. As a result, she created a perfect product for athletes on the go that was too good to keep to herself, so she started a business and officially named her product.

However, one of the challenges she encountered was investing in her business growth. Limited funds don’t leave room for further production. So, Kristen decided to look for alternatives ways of financing, and she applied for Amber Grant.

Her unique story helped her get the grant and necessary funds that she can invest in packaging more products and in that way grow her business.

Success story #2 – Customer satisfaction as a motor to grow:

Leticia Michel founded JD&C, a tax preparation services practice given that it was the only way for her to achieve work-life balance: to make a living while spending time with her kids.

After running a business for fifteen years, she encountered an obstacle. Leticia realized that during the busy tax season, her small team was overworked and therefore wasn’t capable of providing top-notch services to the clients. The only solution to this problem was to hire more people that would offer the first-rate customer service with proper training.

To get the necessary capital, Leticia applied for a business loan. Once she got the funds, she was able to expand and diversify her services. Now, JD&C serves over 2,000 happy clients and it’s one of the main taxes services practices in her area.

Success story #3 – Empowering women and promoting dialogue:

Shydeia Caldwell founded Black Girl Magik, an online platform that empowers women of color through politically-informed dialogues around recognition, healing, self-care, exchange, and networking. She got the idea to form a community when she was a guest panelist at Brooklyn Museum for BUFU’s Community Conversation with Art Collectives. In that occasion, she gained many insights into how harmful and oppressive hierarchical structures can be for marginalized people, and as a result, he launched Black Girl Magik.

However, they needed financial resources to expand their program offerings and assure the sustainability of the BGM platform. Their imperative was to provide safe places for women of color to share their life stories and start their healing journey.

Therefore, they applied for Girlboss Foundation grant and got funds to expand BGM community and reach out to more women.

The above are only three very diverse examples of what women can achieve with the proper access to funding options. The truth is, there are many loans and grant opportunities focused on entrepreneur women. But where to start the search? We’ve done the work for you! Make sure you read Top 20 Small Business Loans for Women to discover other convenient opportunities to get capital and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

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