How To Apply For A US Business Visa

by Business 29 August 2022

US Business Visa

Do you wish to go to the US on a business visit with your partners this summer?

In that case, you need to procure a business visa from the concerned authority in the US. To get it, you will have to conform to different formalities, norms, and regulations. 

You also need to follow each and every step religiously so that you obtain permission smoothly. 

To facilitate it, we recommend you take the help of some reputed immigration lawyer. They are knowledgeable enough to guide you. Let’s discuss the steps you have to follow to obtain your BI visa.

Are You Qualified To Get The B1 Visa?

There are certain norms, regulations, and requisites to qualify for a BI visa. Let’s try and understand them here. 

First of all, your business tours are chiefly designed for business only, and there are no other reasons. Whenever the authorities ask for certain information, you will have to supply them as early as possible. 

Your plan of stay will be restrained for a limited period. You have to provide evidence that you find the entire business trip on your own. Being a foreigner, you need to have business connections in the US (economic ties). 

Finally, you will return soon after the business meeting is over. These are the general frameworks. 

If you fit into this, you are definitely eligible to get a B1 visa. Well, there are some other requirements too. Choosing a Business Immigration Lawyer can help you gain comprehensive knowledge. 

Steps To Apply For A Us Business Visa 

The entire process of applying for a US BI Visa goes through steps. One has to follow them to get the visa. 


1. Getting The Digital Photograph

You have to provide digital photos of the concerts, mainly to the embassy and consulate. Know that the requirements for your digital photos will be different based on the different categories of visa applications. For this one, your photo:

  • It must not be older than six months.
  • The dimension of the photo range from a minimum of 600 pixels and a maximum of 1200 pixels.  
  • Your photo can not be under 240 KBs in JPEG format.
  • The expression needs to be as natural as possible.

Apart from these mentioned above, you also have to conform to some other strict guidelines available on the concerned web pages. 

2. Complete The Business Visa Application Form Ds160

Now that you have provided the required guidelines, you must have to complete the business visa application DS-160 form. 

It is better that you take help from a reputed business immigration attorney. They have the experience and understanding of filling up this kind of form. So it’s better to get them filled by your lawyer.

3. Paying The Business Visa Application Fees

Next comes the payment options. You have to pay the visa application fees to the portal of the US visa services. 

There are different ways to pay the amount. See them on the website and choose the payment method most suitable for you. 

4. Make An Appointment For The Visa Interview 

Now you have to apply for an interview with the embassy or consulate. Simultaneously you also have to set timings for fingerprinting. There are different portals where you apply for the interview and fingerprinting. 

When you go for each of them, take all that is required with you. Don’t worry. Your business Immigration Attorney will help you out by letting you know about the requirements. 

They will also inform or alarm you on the day of the interview with the embassy and the consulate. 

6. Visa Interview At The Designated Us Consulate

Timely go for the interview. Take each and every paper and other requirements in detail. The things that you ought to take you on that date include:

  • Your Passport 
  • Photograph
  • The DS160 application form
  • visa Interview appointment letter

Talk to the officials there and answer the questions. Do not panic, as you will get all the necessary assistance from your lawyer. 

Wrapping It Up

To wrap up the conversation, it can be said that getting a B1 visa is not that difficult, but it is not that easy either. You will have to be prepared to get all your papers ready, and forms filled up. 

You need to understand that your approach to filling up the requirement determines how smoothly you get your visa. Take help from a reputed business immigration attorney to help you throughout.


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