Australia Fines Uber Aus$412,500 For Sending Over Two Million Emails On A Single Day

by Finance 26 October 2023

Australia Fines Uber Aus$412500 For Sending Over Two Million Emails

The communications watchdogs in Australia fined Uber for sending over two million emails to customers for breaching anti-spam laws on Thursday.

The blast of emails, which advertised a home delivery service for alcohol, was sent on just one day in January, as per the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

There was no unsubscribing option in the message for the customers, and over 500,000 of them were delivered to people who denied receiving any marketing emails.

The food delivery and rideshare company was fined $260,000.

Australian laws state that businesses are not allowed to send any marketing emails without the consent of the customer.

The emails should also contain unsubscribing options.

The chair of ACMA, Nerida O’Loughlin, said that the actions of Uber were an “unavoidable error.”

“Customers are fed up with their wishes not being respected,” she further added.

Uber had, however, apologized, with a spokesperson saying to AFP that it had “made a mistake” while sending the marketing emails. Businesses have had to pay more than 11 million Australian dollars in fines for breaking the telemarketing and spam laws in Australia in the last 18 months, as per the ACMA reports.

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