Why Is It Important To Have Dedicated Datacenter Proxies?

by Technology Published on: 23 February 2023 Last Updated on: 16 March 2023

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are intermediaries that route web requests and server responses (internet traffic) through powerful data center servers. In the process, they assign data center IP addresses that belong to the companies that own and run the data centers (data center and cloud computing companies). There’re two main types of datacenter proxies, namely dedicated and shared.

What Is A Dedicated Datacenter Proxy?

Also known as a private datacenter proxy, a dedicated datacenter proxy assigns a datacenter IP address to only one user. Thus, only that single user’s traffic is routed through the server, guaranteeing unmatched speed, performance, and privacy.

This setup also reduces the risk of IP blocklisting because it confers the user with the sole privilege to control all activity associated with a particular IP address as well as the volume of traffic routed through the server.

In contrast, a shared data center proxy assigns the same data center of an IP address for  multiple users simultaneously, with these individuals sharing the available bandwidth. As such, no single user has complete control over what the others are doing or the number of requests they send.

How Is It Functioning?

This means that when all users are online, the volume of traffic from this shared network can cross the threshold of what servers consider normal, leading to IP bans. This is why sharing the datacenter proxies is less reliable than dedicated datacenter proxies. Nonetheless, shared proxies are cheaper than dedicated proxies.

However, while using the rotating datacenter proxies minimizes the risk of IP bans, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that the web requests are passed through the data center servers and, therefore, acquire datacenter IP addresses.

For this reason, they can still be flagged due to this affiliation, especially because requests from data center servers are deemed to have been sent by bots.

Advantages Of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

1. Privacy And Security

Dedicated datacenter proxies are offering complete control of the network activity linked to a particular IP address. Thus, only one user gets to access the server infrastructure. This reduces or even eliminates the chances of third parties snooping or eavesdropping on your communication.

On the opposite end of the privacy spectrum are shared datacenter proxies in which multiple users use the same infrastructure. This can increase the likelihood of eavesdropping attacks, identity theft, and more, especially when the shared proxy is not acquired from a reputable service provider.

2. High, Unmatched Reliability

Dedicated datacenter proxies are reliable. This is mainly because they give you or any other user complete control over the IP activity. As a result, you can regulate the number of requests sent through the server, thus mimicking human browsing behavior.

This reduces the chances of getting flagged or blacklisted. Dedicated datacenter proxies are, therefore, preferred in situations that require an unlimited and continuous connection. In contrast, shared proxies can be easily flagged for sending an unusual number of requests to web servers.

3. High Performance And Speed

As stated earlier, users are assigned the entirety of the configured data center server. Data center servers are nothing like ordinary personal computers. They’re fast, with advanced processing capabilities, factors that guarantee high performance.

And given that the bandwidth to and from these servers isn’t shared among various users, the proxies are extremely fast and highly responsive. For this reason, dedicated datacenter proxies are preferred when working on tasks that require fast response times.

4. A Larger IP Network Pool

Dedicated datacenter proxies have an extensive IP network pool than shared datacenter proxies. As such, there are more dedicated IP addresses than shared IP addresses. This fact boosts reliability because the numerous IP addresses can be rotated periodically to prevent IP bans.

5. Multiple Locations

Proxy service providers source their dedicated datacenter proxies from multiple locations. In fact, this proxy type boasts more locations than the shared datacenter proxies. Therefore, you can use dedicated datacenter proxies to access otherwise geo-restricted content from different countries seamlessly.

To learn more about possible geo-locations, click here.

Uses Of Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated datacenter proxies are used in the following ways:

  1.     Cybersecurity: they prevent eavesdropping
  2.     Web scraping: dedicated datacenter proxies with IP rotation capabilities reduce the chances of IP bans when scraping data from websites
  3.     Bypassing geo-restrictions: the datacenter proxies are available in multiple locations
  4.     Brand monitoring and protection, e.g., by extracting data about your business from customer reviews and news articles
  5.     Email protection and prevention of phishing attacks: dedicated datacenter proxies scan the server responses and emails for malware, viruses, and phishing links
  6. Market research
  7. Search engine optimization monitoring
  8.     Avoiding bandwidth limitations: as the infrastructure is not shared among users, dedicated datacenter proxies provide a way to utilize unlimited bandwidth at full speed.


Dedicated datacenter proxies offer numerous advantages that make them a must-have for businesses. They enable privacy, security, and reliability, not to mention that they’re fast, offer IPs from multiple geographic locations, and have a vast IP network pool. As a result of these advantages, dedicated datacenter proxies are used to enhance cybersecurity, prevent phishing attacks, collect data from websites, and bypass bandwidth limitations.


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