What Is Start CDL Truck Driving School?

by Automotive Published on: 10 March 2023 Last Updated on: 11 March 2023

Truck Driving School

Start CDL is a truck driving school based out of Cinnaminson, NJ. If you want to become a CDL driver and enter into the promising profession of hauling freight or want to upgrade your existing CDL, then this is the right place for you. We help our students master all the skills and knowledge needed to start working as commercial motor vehicle drivers with an income of up to $120,000 per year. Start CDL provides both manual and automatic training, as well as an hourly course for those who need a refresher, and want to upgrade or endorse their CDL.

What Do You Require To Begin Training For Professional Truck Driving?

To enter the Start CDL training school program, the documents we need from you are:

  • If you are not already an American Citizen, we need documentation that confirms the legitimacy of your status. This could be a green card, a US passport, or a work authorization/visa for the US.
  • A valid class C driver’s license.
  • A DOT-issued medical certificate. (If you don’t have one we will guide you through the process).

A Brief Overview Of The Truck Driver Training Stages

You will complete your training with the skills and knowledge to enter into a career as a professional truck driver. These skills and knowledge include:

  1. ELDT—an Entry Level Data Training online course the completion of which results in getting a certificate into the FMCSA record. Without ELDT, you cannot get a CDL.
  2. How to inspect your vehicle before the trip.
  3. How to back your truck without issues or accidents.
  4. Offset/parallel parking.
  5. Alley dock parking.
  6. City driving.
  7. Internal exam.
  8. Final exam.

The Best Truck Driving School In the USA?

The trucking industry is nothing but thriving and needs approximately 400,000 new drivers every year. If you are eager to start your education, start the training program at Start CDL. We are not like any other truck-driving school in the USA. We set no time limits, so you can pass your exams when you are truly ready for them. Our class hours will not mess up your daily regime. With our flexible schedule, you’re still able to work, and tend to your family, while you train in your spare time.

Your training is our full responsibility and we provide you with anything you need to master a new profession. Our 7+ years of experience in teaching and 6700+ licensed students may corroborate our determination to set you on a new path of success. If you still have some doubts or any questions, please contact us via e-mail, phone, or the online chat or contact form on our website https://startcdl.com/. We will be most happy to give you any details you are interested in!


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