How To Get Rid Of An Unsellable House

by Real Estate 28 November 2023

Unsellable House

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that once you put your house on sale, it will be as soon as you expected. The property might stay on the market longer than expected, forcing you to employ different techniques. If your house is one of the ‘unsellable’ ones, you shouldn’t worry because it’s still sellable. 

If you cannot sell your house, you can always try these techniques. It would be impossible for you to apply all these ideas and still not get rid of an unsellable house. You’ve gained options from marketing differently to listing with an agent, renovating better, renting, lowering the price, or selling to buy-for-cash companies!

This blog will offer tips to remove such houses without loss. 

Sell to a Company That Buys Houses for Cash

One of the most effective ways to eliminate unsellable property is selling it to companies that buy houses for cash. Cash house buyers typically purchase homes as they are, meaning the seller doesn’t have to repair or renovate the property. 

The technique also saves sellers from standard house-selling activities, like advertising, staging, and paperwork. This option is a life-saver for a home that wouldn’t sell while you had other plans like relocating or urgently needed cash. 

Lower the Price 

Maybe your house isn’t selling because you’ve set the price too high for customers to meet. Therefore, the ideal step would be to lower costs to meet customers’ expectations and market conditions. 

To arrive at the best price possible, you should evaluate the prevailing market analysis alongside a rough copy of what other local sellers offer. You can even better engage a real estate agent or financial expert in price-setting. 

Rent or Lease the Property

Have you considered leasing or renting that house that wouldn’t sell? These two are effective ways to eliminate such properties while saving money. Renting or leasing means at least the house won’t lie idle as you wait for the ideal buyer.

It is also possible for a tenant or lease to become a buyer over time. You never know. When renting, engage an attorney to tailor the requirements to a rental property, not a sale. 

List with an Agent 

Another effective way to sell an unsellable house is to list it with a real estate agent. This is especially true if you previously handled the sale independently with no success. 

You can now consult an agent to list your property before hundreds of potential buyers and investors. Being experts, these agents can undertake the entire process with high success chances and in less time if you allow them. 

list it with a real estate agent

Understand Why the House Doesn’t Sell

You should understand why your house may not sell quickly. Maybe you’ve overpriced the property or done limited marketing, leading to fewer potential buyers. Likewise, poor presentation at an open house can also scare away customers due to dissatisfaction. 

Selling a house during off-peak seasons might result in a delayed or unsuccessful sale process, while poor listing images naturally turn off customers. A seller who is not physically available may be unable to accelerate a sale. Houses with pending legal issues also make the process of selling more difficult.

Other possible reasons a house becomes unsellable are when you set unrealistic expectations for customers, add old/outdated features, or if the property isn’t strategically located. 

Inspect the House and Renovate Accordingly

A house doesn’t sell quickly because of poor presentation and pending issues. After months of unsuccessful offer discussions and viewings, you can consider a thorough home inspection of the property to determine possible defects.

Once discovered, renovate and repair them satisfactorily before scheduling the next home visit. Professionals should undertake these repairs/renovations for better results. 

Market Differently 

You can get an unsellable house off the market by re-strategizing your marketing techniques. Customers are influenced by how sellers present their advertisements regarding quality and creativity. 

So, you can introduce different marketing techniques to your property to capture a wider set of potential buyers. Be sure to maximize the number through various channels like social media platforms, Google Ads, or influencer marketing. 

Seek Government Support 

Some local governments assist residents wishing to sell their houses for relocation purposes. If you’ve been trying to sell to no success and your relocation date is soon approaching, you can enroll in these programs that guarantee to close the house on your behalf. 

The employee relocation program often applies when you’re offered a job transfer that requires you to relocate elsewhere. Other ways of dealing with an unsellable house include donating to charity or letting your close friend or relative stay in it at a lower or no cost. 

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