Learn the 5 Easy Steps to Getting Cigna Contracting

by Job & Career 07 March 2022

Cigna Contracting

Finding a suitable carrier to sell when you start as an insurance agent is the most crucial step of your new page. The truth is a suitable insurance carrier can do a majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to sales cause if they offer good benefits at an affordable premium, it’s pretty easy to sell their praises.

In this article, we will look at Cigna contracting, a popular insurance carrier option for many insurance agents, and how to sign a contract to start selling with them.

Look For a Professional Insurance Agent Contracting Company

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The first step to take after passing your insurance agent exam is to get signed onto a contracting company, they will function as the middleman between you and the insurance carriers you wish to sell with. It is vital that you do intensive research on these companies to determine the carriers they work with, what fees they charge, and what resources they offer to help generate leads and get sales.

High-quality insurance agencies will offer an abundance of resources to make your job is, such as online and in-person training, marketing tools, lead generators, and more. We highly recommend you seek insurance agencies who can provide these features for you.

Make Sure They Offer Cigna contracting

It should be obvious, but you need to choose an agency that offers Cigna as a carrier to sell Cigna insurance. Fortunately, Cigna is a popular nationwide insurance company, so many insurance agencies carry them. Just check what carriers an insurance agency works with before choosing to contract with them.

Fill Out Forms And Start the Onboarding Process

Next, you will have to fill out the paperwork. This can be a lengthy process, so make sure to reserve some time in your day to get it all done at once.  The onboarding process can take some time as background checks, and the general hiring practice can take some time.

Make sure to visit the onboarding portal often to see the status of your hiring process and if any forms, such as government ID, are needed. The onboarding portal will also remind you of any appointments and certifications you need to get done before you can be fully hired.

Sign Up For Their Training Program

Every insurance agency will have its process for completing orders, marketing, and using its proprietary software. Make sure you sign up and complete any training videos and programs they offer so that you can maximize your potential with the agency.

Additionally, agencies will typically offer training programs on the insurance carriers they work with, which means Cigna Insurance.

Take Advantage of Cigna Agent Resources

Cigna offers agent resources on their website, an extensive catalog, and a summary of their insurance plans and features. It’s a resource you’ll come back to time and time again once you start selling, as the answer to any customer question you may have can be found there.

Start Selling Cigna Today

Start Selling Cigna Today

The carrier you choose will play a significant role in your success as an insurance agent.  Even the most skilled salesperson will struggle to sell a defective product. Cigna has become a popular choice for insurance agents because of this very reason, so if you are just starting, follow these tips so you can start your new career on the right path.

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