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by social media 03 October 2023

Social Networks

When it comes to the product you sell or the service you offer to your customers, it is very important that its quality meets or even exceeds the expectations of the end users, right? Every successful business is successful for two reasons:

1. Every aspect of a product or service has quality

2. Constant effort to improve the product or service and raise it to a higher level

Business promotion should be no different, and the answer is simple – every successful business, in addition to offering a quality product or service, also takes care of promoting it in the right way. Your business needs a quality marketing strategy that will elevate your product to market heights where it will be visible to everyone. Conquer the market sky with the help of marketing experts from the Respect Studio team who will make sure that your business is seen by everyone, and in the best possible light.

Humanized approach to potential clients

One of the biggest advantages of social selling, which is also its definition, is a personalized, more consistent, and more humanized approach to people on social networks. If lead generation is the “body” of your brand, social selling would be the “soul” of your brand. They are inseparable from each other and together form a whole that makes your marketing strategy successful, by bringing you to potential clients who then become loyal customers of your product or service.

Social selling as the “soul of your brand” is actually its main distinction from lead generation. While lead generation focuses on collecting and creating a database through which to reach its audience, the focus of social selling is to provide that audience with value that will be the basis for building trust between your brand and its users.

The social selling strategy is aimed at long-term goals and strives to build your brand over time as relevant, valuable, and useful, that is, that qualified leads recognize these qualities in your brand, which will make them become users of what you offer. And how is that achieved? Precisely by the proper use of social networks that enable interaction between your potential customers, that is, your audience and you.

social selling


What really attracts and retains people?

Social networks are fertile ground for developing a quality and stable relationship with your audience when the steps you take are backed by a carefully and well-conceived strategy. The power of social selling lies in the fact that it allows you to create more lasting, stable, and deeper relationships with your audience by sharing content that they find useful, interesting, and valuable.

Also, the overall relationship with your audience is not just about sharing useful content, but your overall performance and relationship with them. It refers to the “emotional tone” of the content you share and the messages you send, whether you are sufficiently open, approachable, and “warm” in communication with your audience. Social selling takes care of those small, seemingly unimportant, but vital aspects of a successful marketing strategy – making sure your audience feels good about interacting with you.

Make sure that your audience not only characterizes you as relevant and useful but also as pleasant and a pleasure to interact with. In this way, you are already ahead of everyone who deals only with numbers and statistics, because you have brought the spirit of humanity into your brand and marketing strategy, and this is what really attracts and retains people. Not only in marketing but also in life.

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