Comparison Between Salt-Based And Salt-Free Water Softeners In Perth

by Technology 13 July 2022

Water Softeners

There are some differences between salt-based and non-salt water softeners in Perth. This article will compare the two water softeners along with their costs, flow rates, and other details.

If you are unsure of which one is right for you, we suggest contacting an experienced company on water softeners in Perth.

They can help you choose the right water softener for you.

Salt-Based Water Softeners

There are two types of water softeners available: salt-based or salt-free. While salt-free systems use a lesser amount of salt, they are still effective in eliminating hardness and scaling on appliances and fixtures. Salt-based water softeners have many advantages over salt-free models.

They provide brighter, more hydrated skin, spot-free dishes, soft, and pliable clothing, and offer many other benefits. Besides removing hardness, salt-based systems require less maintenance, which makes them more economical.

There are two types of salt-based softeners available: rock salt and solar salt. Rock salt is extracted from underground deposits of calcium sulfate.

These salts tend to be less efficient in treating hard water than solar salt because they contain excess calcium sulfate. Salt-based softeners made with solar salt are 99.6% pure and can last much longer without needing frequent maintenance.

Flow Rates Of Salt-free Water Softeners

Salt-free softeners are better for Perth residents when it comes to softening their water. Salt-free softeners work better from a manufacturing standpoint. However, salt-based softeners provide additional benefits.

Salt-free softeners are not effective for Perth’s high mineral content, which makes them unsuitable for homes with hard water. Furthermore, salt-free softeners have high flow rates and are not suitable for water that contains excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium.

water softeners Perth

Another option for a salt-free water softener is the FutureSoft salt-free water softener series. The FS1 model is rated to be used in houses with two or more bathrooms.

It can produce 12 gallons of softened water per minute and claims to prevent 99.6% scaling from the building. Magnetic water conditioning is also an option. It is easy to install and requires only a 3/4 inch pipe diameter.

Cost Of Salt-Based Water Softeners

There are several benefits to salt-based water softeners. They are very affordable, but they require a lot more salt to do ion exchange. A high-quality template-assisted system for crystallization costs around $150 USD. A good water softener will not produce eight hot tubs worth of wastewater per year.

Consider installing a water conditioner yourself if you’re concerned about the price. Salt-based water softeners use sodium as a softening agent.

This mineral is not harmful to water appliances and doesn’t resist suds. Moreover, these systems also reduce the repair costs of appliances, which are often damaged by scale buildup. Salt-based water softeners can be purchased at reasonable prices in Perth.

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