The role of large steam sterilizers in hospital waste disposal

by Technology Published on: 16 December 2020 Last Updated on: 23 November 2021

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Steam sterilizers (otherwise known as autoclaves) have gained a particularly large role in the disposal of hospital waste, and the sterilization of medical equipment (source: They are particularly user-friendly, relatively cheap to operate, and do not put unnecessary burdens on the environment. Read on to find out more about why more and more hospitals use them instead of other methods!

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The relation between large steam sterilizers and the disposal of hospital waste

For a long time, onsite and mobile incinerators were one of the most popular methods for disposing of medical waste, and still see wide use today. Their effectiveness is certainly undoubtedly since they reduce most loads to ashes. However, with the appearance and rising popularity of modern autoclaves, incinerators have started to become a little outdated.

Autoclaves (AKA steam sterilizers) are much more compact and practical to use, since the most modern ones use automatic operations to sterilize hospital equipment and waste, and can easily be installed onsite to create a waste management system that is not only efficient but sustainable as well. Steam sterilizers emit zero harmful substances, making potential air pollution a non-issue.

What’s more, this does not even mean that they have to compromise on effectiveness: by using very high-pressure and high-temperature steam, they can kill even heat resistant bacteria to ensure that when their load comes out, it is perfectly sterile.

Hospital waste disposal made easier with large steam sterilizers

Versatility is another important aspect when choosing a hospital waste disposal solution. Compared to incinerators, which are only used for the complete destruction of waste, autoclaves have another popular use: they can sterilize hospital tools which can then be used again for the treatment of other patients, without having to worry about spreading infections.

This risk-free method of treating equipment also applies to the disposal of hospital waste, since storage and transportation are made much safer with your waste already being sterile. In other cases, you would have to use appropriate containers to segregate different types of biomedical waste, and the transportation services should still have to be extra careful since they would still have to handle potentially hazardous waste before the final disposal can take place offsite.

Of course, this does not mean you do not have to closely follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions: but you can definitely expect an easier hospital waste disposal process than before.

Why should a hospital choose a large steam sterilizer for waste disposal?

Large steam sterilizers have much greater capacities compared to small and medium autoclaves, which can be especially useful for bigger hospitals that must handle a large amount of medical equipment, tools, and waste every day. This capacity can range between 110 liters to as far as 880 liters, depending on which manufacturer you buy from.

Of course, size isn’t the only aspect that hospitals should look out for when choosing a waste disposal solution. There are different classes of steam sterilizers, among which B class autoclaves are definitely the most advanced ones when it comes to being able to handle different types of loads.

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