How to go about seeking and procuring the ready-made/co-working space of your choice?

by Management Published on: 12 July 2018 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

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Is your business expanding and you’re planning to expand your team? That’s sure good news on the business front. And going forward you might need an office space to accommodate your growing organization. Also, if you’re serious about your business, it is always better to have a formal address. Hence, moving into office space is a smart call. But, the leasing process for your office space might take several months. Additionally, it might also require a vast amount of paperwork. And sometimes, after a considerable struggle, you might not receive what you’ve been aiming.

So, what’s the way out? The obvious is to explore the choices in readymade office/work or co-working spaces. You can say yes to this on a rental basis. It enables you to walk into a working area customized to your requirements, instead of being limited to one lease. The environment is more relaxed and inspiring. It motivates your employees to look forward to their work and put their best feet forward. Most start-up entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers, are looking forward to these workspaces today.

What are ready-made and co-working spaces?

 Simply put, a ready-made or co-working space can be called a shared work environment, where people work, meet, network, collaborate on various projects and also share ideas. These spaces are generally free of one single business or office. Instead, this is a conglomeration of several business professionals, mobile workers and entrepreneurs’ who belong to different industry verticals and expertise areas. This option is perfect for independent contractors. If you travel frequently and have a freelance job, you may consider this option as well. The ambiance is contemporary and creative that appeals to the new age workforce.

If you are searching for one, you can reach out to names like and others, to select a working space that caters to your requirement, preference and budget capacity. Browse through and choose from the various rental plans available.

Why should you opt-in for ready-made or co-working spaces?

 There are multiple benefits of resorting to a co-working space. It is especially true for the budget conscious and fast-expanding start-ups. Also, it’s essential for businesses to offer a suitable working environment to expand and succeed. However, very few companies and start-ups can do that since the process is complicated. Usually, the co-working model is a conventional one. But one can see a consistent pattern of outsourcing across many industry verticals.

Ready-made and co-working spaces are a blend of inspiration, productivity, and happiness. Several facilities are made easy for you. For instance, you needn’t worry about having an internet plan or fix a printer issue while at work.

Furthermore, the community element is a massive bonus for this kind of working arrangement. When you share an office space along with like-minded people, you create the scope to network effectively. You can stay updated about the start-up world developments and other business facts worldwide. Also, to pursue your dreams with a team of other freelancers or entrepreneurs is encouraging. Sometimes, there are group events that add to the community bonhomie.

Are you just starting out as a start-up entrepreneur? If yes, then it is perfect if you pay to increase each resource you have with you. Leverage the community. And the more you put in, the more you usually get out of it. Also try and get to know your fellow workers better. Make sure that you take part in community seminars and meet-ups. Networking always brings with it scopes to grow.

Things you need to consider :

 So are you finally saying yes to a ready-made and co-working space? If yes, then there’s a list of factors that you need to weigh and assess, before you invest. The points to ponder here are the nature of your work and also the ultimate purpose of your business. Hence, start by asking yourself the following:

  • Would you be keen on setting up regional offices for your brand in the forthcoming places?
  • Are you willing to test markets for corporate expansion?
  • When do you tend to be more productive?
  • Are you interested in meeting clients or partners?

For instance, if a calm and collected workspace is your priority, then avoid the ones where you feel that loudness or fun takes over the peace and focus. Private office spaces are a good option here. And just in case your business can be described as meeting-heavy, you might need a readymade workspace venue where there are many conference halls and video conferencing facilities.

That aside, there are three other considerations to make:

1. The location :

The shared offices are in big cities. Hence, this can be cost-effective for start-ups and other companies. You can experience an urban work setting within a reasonable price range. Ensure that your new working space is comfortable for you. It is essential, as you have to show up daily. Additionally, you will also need to invite other professional contacts too in your office space.

2. The design space :

The design of this working space is an essential aspect to consider. It is crucial to opt in for a working space that inspires you to work better and smarter. Research indicates that it’s the design that drives innovation. The famous and best co-working spaces reflect excellent design.

3. The membership advantages and pricing structure :

It’s true that a co-working space might comprise of everything that an expanding business requires. However, not every amenity gets added to the membership charge. Make sure that you read through the fine print thoroughly. It is crucial to know the facilities you are paying to use. It will keep you away from spending any hidden charges that you might not be aware. Make sure that you ask the relevant question to know about the pricing structure and arrive at an informed decision.

4. Check your neighbors :

Your co-working community and co-workers will bring a world of difference to your daily work experience. Hence, determine the other businesses that are present in the space you are sharing. Usually, you will come across many start-ups and brand similar to your own. The connections you make will help you grow and also put innovative ideas into action.

Ready-made and co-working spaces are increasing today! It is because the modern day start-up entrepreneurs and freelancers are all looking forward to an innovative workspace within their budget. They want to network extensively as well. A co-working space has various facilities and amenities to offer based on the plan that you select.

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