Moving? Boost your curb appeal or sell your house fast?

by Real Estate Published on: 28 December 2017 Last Updated on: 17 June 2022


So you have just been offered a new job in a brand new city. Initially, you are excited about the move and have decided that it’s the right move for you. The only problem is, you have to sell your house fast! Everyone realizes that the longer a home stays on the market, the more difficult it will be to get the full asking price. There are a few different options to sell your house fast, but there are also some tried and true practices that are sure to speed up the selling process.

If you are really in a time crunch, it’s a great idea to call a reputable We Buy Houses company that will offer you a fair price on your home, can close within 7 days and will buy your house in “as is” condition. In any case, the following are a few ways to make sure your house is sold as quickly as possible:

Enhance Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. People often say they make the decision to sell their house within minutes of seeing it. If you were buying a house, what would you want to see the first time you pull up in the driveway?

To start, you will want to make sure all the lawns are mowed and the landscaping has been spruced up. Has the exterior of the house been cleaned? You will want to get a power washer or hire a company to clean the exterior of the home. You may also want to consider items like the front door, the driveway, and the windows of the home. Anything you can do to enhance a potential buyer’s first impression will ultimately help you sell your house fast.

If you are thinking to yourself, “this seems like it could be pricey and a lot of work,” you may be right. Getting a house ready for market can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars. If this is an issue or you just don’t have time for those upgrades, we recommend our original idea of reaching out to a reputable cash buyer which will save time and money.

Working with the right buyer can help you ease all your worries about selling your house. They can buy your home in whatever condition it is in and pay upfront in cash. If this sounds interesting, choose Richard Mews from Sell With Richard and get the best price for your house.

Make Upgrades

Again, this process might be costly, but if you are wanting to sell your house fast in Arizona, it’s necessary. You have to ask yourself, how much time and money are you willing to spend on upgrades before putting your house on the market.

Remodeling a home can certainly add value, but there comes a point of diminishing returns where it’s just not worth the hassle. However, It is important to address unsightly or dangerous concerns that may immediately turn off a buyer or cause you to fail a home inspection.

For Example, outdated electrical and plumbing systems, leaky roofs, and cracks in the foundation, or a dysfunctional HVAC system are all issues that would keep your home from selling.

Remove personal items

If you are looking to sell your house quickly, you will want to stage the home for potential buyers. These potential buyers will want to envision their new lives in your home, so you should make sure to remove your own personal items including family photos, personal art, or that hunting collage in the basement!

However, there might be a ton of things to remove or shift to your new home. If you start doing everything yourself, you will be left with no time and a lot of damaged household goods. This is why it is best to work with experts and specialists like WridgWays interstate removalists Melbourne. They are experts who can make your moving process or house removal items a breeze.

In closing

If these items seem very time-consuming and potentially wallet-consuming, that’s because they are. If you are expecting to get top dollar for your home in a very quick timeframe, you will need to act fast and break out the wallet! If you have decided that you either can’t make these upgrades or simply don’t have the time to do it, there are reputable home companies that will offer fair value for your property and can save you time, money, and headaches of listing it on the market.


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