What Is The Marginal Rate Of Substitution?

by Finance 06 August 2022

marginal rate of substitution

The marginal rate of substitution is a concept that we use in our life every day subconsciously, but we do not know its technicalities in depth.

The marginal substitution rate elaborates how consumers can forego the number of units of Goods X in exchange for another good Y with the same utility.

In most cases, the marginal substitution rate is used to analyze the Indifference curve. Now, If I only discuss the concept theoretically, then things can become complicated for you. So, let’s get into the details to understand it better.

What Is The Marginal Rate Of Substitution? 

It means a consumer will forego the consumption of good X with the consumption of Goods Y where you can get the same amount of utility. Most of the time, the marginal rate of substitution is used for analyzing the Indifference curve.

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What Is The Indifference Curve? 

The indifference curve shows that certain combinations of goods or commodity bundles offer users the same level of satisfaction which makes the consumer remain indifferent. It provides an equal preference for several varieties. Now, let’s get into the details to understand it better.

An indifference curve offers a better combination of services where a consumer prefers one commodity over the other while getting the same level of utility from both.

The function for the quantities of goods for any consumer utility. For example, suppose there are two kinds of commodities, X-1, and X-2.

In this section of the Indifference curve, the quality used by one commodity offsets the increased use of the quantity of another commodity.

quantity of another commodity

Assumption Of The Indifference Curve

  • It will help you to assume that the consumer is rational.
  • In most cases, utility is cardinal.
  • Availability of more amount of goods is always better.
  • In most cases, goods consumed are substitutable.

Properties Of Indifference Curve

If you want to understand the concept of this, then you cannot ignore the importance of the Indifference curve. Some of the core properties of the indifference curve are as follows.

  • Indifference curves do not intersect one curve with another curve.
  • The indifference curve always possesses a negative slope.
  • Indifference curve which lies to one another will yield more amount of utility.
  • They are convex from the origin point and from below.

Marginal Rate Of Substitution Formula

You cannot use this formula without knowing the formulae of the marginal rate of substitution. Therefore, you must know the formula for calculating MRSxy before making any calculations.

MRSxy = 🔺X /🔺Y.

Here, the sign delta means Change in X /Change in Y. Within any point of the indifference curve. You can use this formulae to reach your goals.

Marginal Rate Of Technical Substitution

The Marginal Rate Of The Technical Substitution in economics states an idea where it illustrates one factor, which highlights how a small amount of one “factor”  must reduce so that an equal level of productivity can be maintained when another “Factor is enhanced.

Marginal Rate Of Technical Substitution = 🔺K/🔺L

Marginal Rate Of Technical Substitution

Marginal Rate Of Substitution Curve

Whenever you want to calculate the marginal rate of the substitution curve, you must consider some of the core factors essential for your business.

Assumption Of MRSxy

  • Goods must be of equal size and shape.
  • Most of the time, the consumer is rational and knowledgeable to consume every unit of the goods. 
  • There is no time gap between the consumption.
  • Change of fashion, taste, preference, and income.
  • You can enjoy the cardinal utility.
  • The unit of money is marginal and constant.
Marginal Rate Of Substitution Curve

Types Of Marginal Rate Of Substitution

There are several types of Marginal Rate Of Substitution which you must consider at your end when you want to know the company’s current status.

1. Diminishing

Most of the time this is in diminishing rate. One can quickly obtain goods if one is willing to give fewer and fewer units of commodity Y with the additional division of Good X. You need to consider these factors while developing your business.

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2. Increasing

Sometimes the marginal rate of substitution may remain constant also if one more unit of Y is obtained when one more team of X is given up. You must consider these facts at your end while you can calculate the MRSxy.

3. Constant

Suppose a consumer substitutes commodity X in return for commodity Y with an increasing rate to maintain the same level of satisfaction. These parameters are crucial for you to calculate the MRSxy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Is The Difference Between MRTS and MRS?

MRT’s primary focus is producer equilibrium, while MRS’s main focus is consumer equilibrium. Therefore, you must consider these factors when you want to make use of the MRTS and MRS.

2. How Is MPL Calculated?

MPL is calculated by the change in output by the change of labor. You must consider these factors of calculation while you calculate the MPL. It can make things work for you while you figure out the MPL.

3. What Is The Formula For Marginal Rate Of Substitution?

The formula for the calculation of the Marginal rate of substitution is as follows:- 
MRSxy = 🔺X /🔺Y.

4. What Is MPL In Economics?

The marginal product of labor indicates the total increase in production when one additional unit of labor is added. They can do it by keeping all the factors of production remaining constant. It is one of the best methods for calculating MPL in economics.

End Of The Concept

Hence, these are some concepts you must take care of when you want to get an idea on the Marginal Rate Of substitution. It will help you meet your objectives within a specific time. MRSxy is the fundamental concept where you can develop your business correctly.

You can feel free to share your views, ideas, opinions, and thought processes in the comment box so that we understand your take and understanding on this matter. The more you share your doubts with us, the better it will be for you to clarify them.

You must go through these facts to get more insights on the MRSxy. You need to identify these facts while you want to develop your concepts on this matter.

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