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by Finance 25 April 2022


The project was previously launched as a hybrid PoW/PoS coin.

Today, Lindacoin is rebranded to Metrix, with a maximum supply of 30 billion and the Proof of Stake algorithm at its core. More than 55% of coins are already in circulation.

Metrix has already got positive feedback on Trustpilot — 4.8, and 96% of users think it’s showing excellent work.

What Is Lindacoin?

What Is Lindacoin?

Lindacoins are digital cryptocurrencies that use cryptography and secure individual transactions. It controls every individual unit creation.

These coins are first introduced by a software engineer from China. Like the other types of individual cryptocurrencies, Lindacouns also need a wallet to do the transactions.

Let’s see what the Lindacoin wallet is.

What Is Lindacoin Wallet?

What Is Lindacoin Wallet?

Many crypto investors are asking whether is Lindacoin wallet a virus? The Lindacoins wallets are not viruses. First, Lindacoin is releasing a mobile wallet like their first desktop wallet. For any novice or expert users, these wallets are always the best ones. In this wallet, you can put many other types of cryptocurrencies like Verge, Electra, and Redcoins.

Usually, these wallets are secure unless you do not lose the private key. Hacking chances are limited. But if you lose the private key, then there are no such chances of recovery. And if your money gets stolen from there, the company does not take any responsibility to compensate the amounts.

Lindacoins are now promising 50% of the return on yearly staked token amounts. They are offering higher rewards as the good, and it encourages the master node for the transactional speeds. But these also affect the coin distributions in the market.

Lindacoin Prices?

Lindacoin Prices

Lindacoin has been on the market since 2017, and during that time, its path has been pretty bumpy. Looking at the chart, it looks like the price has gone crazy on a “roller coaster.”

The coin’s price has never exceeded the $0.01 mark, but it has had significant spikes and drops over the years.

The coin hit the market in July 2017 at $0.000082 and spiked to $0.0073 in half a year. At the beginning of 2018, it reached its all-time high of $0.01262, which it still cannot beat.

From then on, the price began to fall and continued to fluctuate just above $0.001. A small rise in June 2018 seemed promising, but it was short-lived, and the price fell below $0.001.

From that point until the second quarter of 2019, the price dropped and remained at $0.0003.

In May 2019, the price of Lindacoin became highly volatile. It began to rise and held a relatively stable price in the $0.003 to $0.007 range. In May, it even raised to $0.001.

The Lindacoin price began a somewhat erratic decline for the remainder of 2019 and early 2020. Then, the price was stable up to the beginning of 2021.

Lindacoin (Metrix) Price Forecast For 2021-2025

Lindacoin (Metrix) Price Forecast For 2021-2025

Making a LINDA forecast for the next five years is extremely difficult. Considering Lindacoin’s price history over the past few years, it’s hard to say with certainty that we see a pattern and determine the future price. Frankly, it could go either way.

If you look at Lindacoin’s initial price when it came on the market and today’s price, you see that it has experienced a six-fold increase.

On the other hand, with all its ups and downs in between, we can tell that this will not be a sustainable bounce, depending on which direction the price goes. The pandemic has rocked the price of Lindacoin a bit, so external factors will also play a huge role.

What will be the prediction for the Lindacoin price? In the next five years, it will rise. The problem is that it will not be an increase that will make more people invest.

It could reach, and possibly even exceed, it’s an all-time high of $0.01262. But even if that happens, it may be in a couple of years.

If you look at the trends of the last few years, there is a possibility of seeing prices rise in the first half of 2022.

Barring the damage that the pandemic has done to the Lindacoin price, the coin could enter 2022 with a price above $0.003. As things stand, an increase of more than $0.0023 is delayed until the end of December.

This trend should continue in the future, and you may see an increase of $0.001-0.007 per quarter. 

It’s normal to see spikes and dips, but the average price should go up and continue that trend over the next few years. In 2025, 1 Linda will probably cost around $0.07.


Lindacoin’s (Metrix) price will rise in the next few years, but it will not see that much growth to justify investing in it. At this point, a $1 mark seems impossible for this coin. Keep in mind that this prediction is based on my personal opinion and analysis of Lindacoin prices. When it comes to the price of a cryptocurrency, many factors come into play, and the market sometimes behaves quite unexpectedly.

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