Dewy Days Ahead: Embracing The Korean Dewy Makeup Look

by How to Guides 23 November 2023

Dewy Makeup

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and makeup, trends come and go with each season. However, one makeup look has transcended time and cultural boundaries, capturing the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide—the Korean dewy makeup look. 

Known for its fresh, youthful, and radiant appearance, this trend has earned a dedicated following and remains a favorite among makeup enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the secrets of achieving the Korean makeup look, explore its origins, and discuss why it continues to stand the test of time.

The Origin of the Dewy Look

The roots of the Korean dewy makeup look can be traced back to South Korea, where it has been a beauty staple for decades. Korean beauty routines are renowned for emphasizing clear, healthy, and luminous skin, and the dewy makeup perfectly complements this approach. Unsurprisingly, the world started taking notice as K-beauty products and skincare practices gained international recognition.

In South Korea, achieving a flawless complexion is considered an art form, and the dewy look is essential to this aesthetic. Koreans strongly emphasize skincare, recognizing that a healthy canvas is the key to a stunning makeup finish. This dedication to skincare sets the dewy look apart and contributes to its enduring popularity.

Key Elements of the Dewy Makeup Look

To master the art of the dewy makeup look, you must understand and incorporate several key elements into your routine. It combines skincare and makeup techniques that create a fresh, radiant, and youthful appearance. Here are the essential steps:

Skin Preparation

  • The cornerstone of the dewy makeup look is impeccable hydration. Treat your skin to a generous dose of moisture, providing the perfect canvas for your makeup application. Opt for skincare products that prioritize hydration, featuring ingredients like hyaluronic acid to lock in that precious moisture. 
  • Take it a step further by applying a hydrating primer, which nourishes your skin and creates a protective barrier between your complexion and makeup, ensuring a long-lasting dewy finish.

Light Coverage Foundation or BB Cream

  • The dewy look thrives on embracing your skin’s natural texture and radiance. Selecting a lightweight, sheer foundation or BB cream that allows your skin’s innate luminosity to shine through is imperative. Steer clear of heavy matte foundations, as they tend to create a flat, dry appearance that contradicts the ethereal dewiness you’re aiming for.

Cream or Liquid Highlighter

  • To achieve that coveted dewy glow, highlighter becomes your best ally. Opt for a cream or liquid highlighter in shades that harmonize with your skin tone, granting you a subtle and luminous radiance that appears to emanate from within. 
  • The key to this ethereal glow is the strategic application of a highlighter to the high points of your face, including your cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose. Consider blending a small amount of liquid highlighter with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over radiant look.

Cream Blush

  • Crafting a natural flush of color on your cheeks is integral to the dewy makeup look. Cream blushes are ideal, blending into your skin to contribute to that fresh and dewy finish. Opt for soft, rosy tones that emulate the healthy flush achieved from exercise or a brisk walk, adding a touch of vitality to your complexion.

Glossy Lips

  • For a truly dewy appearance, embrace glossy lip products such as lip gloss or tinted lip balms. These products enhance the overall dimension of your look and infuse a youthful vitality into your appearance. Opt for soft, natural shades or sheer berry hues that align with the dewy aesthetic, leaving your lips juicy and plump.

Setting Spray

  • To seal the deal and ensure your dewy finish lasts throughout the day, conclude your makeup routine with a hydrating setting spray. This final step not only locks in the luminosity but also guarantees your makeup remains fresh and vibrant, no matter what the day may bring.
  • By skillfully incorporating these key elements into your beauty regimen, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of the dewy makeup look, unveiling a radiant and youthful version of yourself that’s bound to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.
Key Elements of the Dewy Makeup Look

The popularity of the dewy makeup look is not arbitrary—it stems from several compelling reasons that resonate with beauty enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.

Youthful Appearance

The dewy makeup look enhances your skin’s natural radiance, making you appear youthful and fresh-faced. It’s like capturing the essence of a healthy, glowing complexion in a makeup routine.


This look is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit various skin types and ages. Whether you’re in your teens or beyond, the dewy look can be customized to your preferences.

Healthy Skin Emphasis

The Korean dewy makeup look aligns with the emphasis on skincare, highlighting the importance of nourishing and caring for your skin. This not only enhances your makeup but also promotes long-term skin health.

Confidence Booster

The dewy look can significantly boost your confidence. By accentuating your best features and giving you a natural, healthy glow, it helps you look and feel your best.

Final Thoughts

In the makeup world, trends come and go, but the Korean dewy makeup look is a timeless classic that continues to shine. Beyond being a beauty trend, it celebrates healthy, radiant skin. This versatile look can be adapted to your style and preferences, making it accessible to beauty enthusiasts of all backgrounds and ages. So, whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, don’t hesitate to embrace the dewy look and let your inner radiance shine.

You can look forward to many dewy days with the right products and techniques. Remember that true beauty comes from confidence and self-expression; the dewy look is just one of the many tools in your beauty arsenal to help you feel your best. So, go ahead and embrace the dewy makeup trend—your skin will thank you, and you’ll radiate beauty from the inside out.

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