International SEO: A Way To Increase Your ROI After Entering A New Market

by IT Services 23 August 2023

International SEO

Doing SEO for your native country and creating content for the audience that speaks your language is already challenging enough, isn’t it? Even though you eventually make it and get those high places on SERP, it doesn’t mean that applying the exact action plan to improve the ranks of your multi-language online store would deliver the same results. Actually, it’s highly doubtful that your local SEO strategy would align with the international one. Not without a reason those two are separate services that SEO agencies offer.

What’s Different About International SEO?

The very first thing that differentiates International SEO from, let’s say, regular SEO is the scale. When creating a strategy for the latter, you need to select the keywords used by a target audience located within a more or less narrow geographic area. While drawing up an effective strategy for International SEO, you target the potential prospects living in diverse geographic regions. Some aspects of technical SEO are also different, however, first, let’s dive deeper into the keywords and content creation for International SEO.

Ways To Make Your International SEO Strong

Ways To Make Your International SEO Strong

To nail your International SEO strategy and reap the benefits it clearly has, you need to cater to the demands, needs, and tastes of your target audience whose language and culture are often different than yours. To do it right, there is no other way than to hire professional translators and content creators who specialize in a particular word region.

Hire A Professional Translator

This way you make sure that not only the content is adapted correctly to the target audience but also that all the business-related differences are handled as well. Take, for example, the currency or measurement system. Ignoring such seemingly obvious elements may be pretty disastrous in consequence, showing your brand as unprofessional. Having the right person to handle such things works to your advantage. This brings us to the keyword issue…

Select The Right Keywords For Each Country

For every keyword you selected for your local SEO strategy, you need to find its equivalent in the target languages. Believe it or not, some keywords would be pretty difficult to translate. You may even come across words that don’t have a word-for-word translation. This happens often in the health & beauty industry, for example. Once you get the right translations of your keywords, you need to check their search volume in the target country.

Technical Aspects Of Strong International SEO Strategy

Making sure the web content matches the target country is just half the battle. An effective International SEO strategy also involves elements like

  • applying URL redirection (a.k.a URL forwarding)
  • choosing the right content management system platform for the store
  • using the right URL structures
  • adding hreflang tags
  • Building an international sitemap for quick indexing
  • handling geo-targeting
  • tailoring payment and delivery options
  • creating a link-building strategy for a new market

The list goes on and on.

All things considered, the geolocation of SEO, which is better known as International SEO, needs to be adjusted to each country or world region separately. What works in your country may not work in another country. That’s why seeking professional help to nail your international SEO game is a wise thing to do. Get in touch with a top-rated SEO agency and revamp your SEO strategy to increase your ROI after entering a new market.

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