How To Choose The Best Shipping Method For Your Business?

by Business 27 April 2023

Best Shipping Method For Your Business

Almost any business in the modern world needs fast and high-quality delivery of goods. You must understand which delivery and order fulfillment strategy you want to use to meet customers’ needs. After all, knowing that this is building communication with customers is essential. And at a time when there is Amazon with ultra-fast delivery, your business should be ready to compete. How do you choose the best trucking company and find the best shipping rates? We will tell you in this article.

What Determines The Cost Of Delivery?

Several factors determine the cost of the service. You need to understand what they are to find ways to reduce the cost.

Delivery Speed

Research shows that the delivery cost is more important for customers than speed. Therefore, if you offer free shipping for up to 5-7 days, you will get more satisfied customers than if you deliver in one day, but it will be expensive.

Product Size And Weight

The type of truck that the caller chooses depends on this. And the bigger the product, the higher the shipping cost.


The further the parcels are sent, the higher the cost of delivery. You will need a distributed warehouse network to reduce the burden on the business.

The Volume Of Delivery (Annual)

The more parcels, the lower the delivery cost since orders can be automatically sent from the nearest enterprise to the destination. It is also worth noting that the more goods you send through one supplier company, the more likely you will have favorable discounts. Therefore, choosing one reliable company and cooperating with it is better.

Additional Services

We are talking about recuperation, insurance, and flexible delivery options. And you understand that additional services are more expensive. Most major carriers include insurance as a standard. If you have an expensive product, purchasing another insurance makes sense. You may also be offered a flexible delivery option when the customer chooses the date and time of delivery himself (if, for example, he is working or going on vacation).

What do freight companies offer to reduce the cost of delivery for you?  They can help you automate delivery processes, provide discounts for a larger volume, use real-time exchange rate fluctuations, reduce the cost of return shipping, and use packaging for fixed-rate goods.

To choose the best delivery method, you should understand which items are your priority and what dimensions your business often produces. And already with this data, come to the carrier company and ask about delivery options.

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