Hip Places to Live in Canada

by Real Estate Published on: 12 December 2020 Last Updated on: 20 January 2021

Hip Places

Many Canadian cities provide incredible real estate options and work potential for a large number of individuals, creating a huge rush to many of these areas. For example, Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas in the country and is going to be hip for a long time to come.

However, there are many other engaging places that make this country much more than just America’s northern neighbor. Let’s take a look at a few of these neighborhoods to give you a better feel for why it is worth relocating to Canada.

Edgemont – a Diverse Population

The largest area of Calgary is Edgemont by far, with around 17,000 different people in the area. This spot is a good location if you have a high income because many of the homes are worth a bit more than others. Other reasons to live in this area include:

  • Tennis courts for those who enjoy playing sports
  • Nosehill, a natural park that provides many outdoor areas
  • Plenty of job opportunities for the career-minded
  • Very high level of safety throughout most of the area’s streets

Though homes aren’t always easily available in this part of the city, those that you may find are often of the highest quality. Expect to pay more in this area than in others, though, as it is in very high demand even now. Make sure that you balance your budget before making any purchasing decision and talk to your loan experts to ensure that you don’t get in over your head in any way.

West Queen West 

West Queen West

This section of Toronto has quickly become one of the favorites of new Canadian residents. It focuses on a high-quality lifestyle that centers on art, culture, and many other unique facets. Just a few things to see if you live in this include:

  • Stylish pubs that provide great meeting places
  • Art galleries that show off the skills of the residents
  • Urban restaurants that serve unique foods
  • Unforgettable restaurants and entertainment centers

Those who have never visited Toronto or are interested in moving to the area could do a lot worse than coming to this city section. Though rent will be high, due to heavy demand, it is often an excellent place for art-oriented individuals to settle.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal – Hipness Personified 

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Lastly, Montreal is an excellent city for those who want the best of Canadian living. And this neighborhood is often one of the most popular and well-respected in the city. When you move here, you get easy access to many engaging and unforgettable activities like:

  • Jazz festivals and concerts
  • Cocktails at many high-quality bars
  • Relaxing parks that feel European
  • Film theaters and playhouses

Other benefits of this neighborhood include trending shopping districts, incredible meat selections, and much more. Though you’re going to be very busy if you move to this area, you’ll have the chance to experience life as you never thought possible in Canada.

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