Is Beef Jerky Good For You? The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky

by Health Care Services 15 December 2022

Beef Jerky

Everyone loves a good snack, and beef jerky seems to be a favorite among people looking for a filling, healthy snack that can hold them over between meals.

However, this popular treat has gotten mixed reviews over the years; some experts proclaim it to be the perfect snack while others say that it’s not the healthiest option out there since it’s high in calories and fat, particularly saturated fat.

Checkout Seven Best Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky

So what’s the truth about beef jerky? Here are some surprising facts about beef jerky that may change your opinion of this popular treat.

Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky

1. Beef Jerky Is A Good Source Of Protein

Protein is an important part of any diet, and beef jerky is a good source of protein. Protein helps build muscle and makes us feel fuller longer. It also helps repair injuries and keeps our hair, skin, and nails healthy.

In fact, the average person needs about 50 grams of protein per day. And because beef jerky has so much protein in such a small serving size, it’s easy to get all the protein you need in just one or two servings.

2. Beef Jerky is a Healthy Snack

Beef jerky is usually thought of as junk food. It’s easy to see why: it’s high in calories and salt, low in nutrients, processed, and high in sugar. But what if we told you that beef jerky can be a surprisingly healthy snack? Here are the surprising health benefits of beef jerky:

3. Beef Jerky Can Help You Lose Weight

According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity rates in the United States have increased dramatically over the past few decades. What’s more, these rates are expected to rise even more as time goes on.

It’s no surprise that so many people are looking for healthy alternatives to high-calorie and processed foods in order to combat this epidemic. And what better way to do so than with beef jerky?

Because beef jerky is low in calories and high in protein, it can help you lose weight if eaten in moderation. In fact, a study found that those who ate beef jerky regularly tended to weigh less than those who did not consume beef jerky at all!

4. Beef Jerky is Low in Carbs

Beef jerky is a low-carb snack, with only 3g carbs per serving. It’s also high in protein which means it can help you get your daily protein intake while satisfying your hunger pangs too.

Beef Jerky is Low in Carbs

It’s also high in sodium, but that’s not necessarily bad because it will give you the salt boost you need to avoid snacking on chips or other salty snacks later on.

5. Beef Jerky is Good for Your Heart

Did you know that beef jerky has health benefits for your heart? It’s true! A recent study found that eating a serving of beef jerky once or twice a week can lower your risk for heart disease, particularly if you’re overweight.

Researchers say that the nitrates in dried meat could be helping to keep harmful LDL cholesterol from building up in our arteries, which helps prevent high blood pressure and other risk factors.

Plus, beef is an excellent source of protein and amino acids and it’s low-calorie. What’s not to love about beef jerky? Make sure you get the right kind though – many store-bought brands contain unhealthy ingredients.

6. Beef Jerky is a Natural Energy Booster

Beef jerky is a natural and healthy snack that can provide an energy boost. It’s also a convenient way to pack some nutrients into your diet on the go. One ounce of beef jerky contains low calories and about protein.

7. Beef Jerky is Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Most people think that beef jerky is just a high-calorie snack food, but it’s actually surprisingly healthy. On top of that, beef jerky is full of vitamins and minerals including B-12 and iron.

And because most brands are made from all-natural ingredients with no sugar added or preservatives included, they are also high in protein and don’t contain any trans fats or sodium – two things that contribute to heart disease or strokes.


Beef jerky is a great, convenient way to pack protein into your diet. It is a healthy snack that can keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

Beef jerky has become so popular it has been added to major grocery stores and convenience stores. With these new additions, beef jerky has now become more accessible than ever before. If you are looking for a yummy snack that is good for you, try beef jerky today!

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