Exploring The Causes And Effects Of Drunk Driving Accidents

by Legal 25 May 2023

Drunk Driving Accidents

Recent statistics show a whopping number of 37 people dying of drunk driving crashes everywhere. Honestly, people everywhere are quite tired of drunk drivers getting away after manslaughter. It is the innocent family who suffers through all this turmoil. They are tired of hearing the same old excuse of the driver not being in their senses and not having the intention to kill.

This gives a clear loophole for escaping after crashing innocent and destroying lives. However, simply blaming and following the rules of capital punishment does not bring justice to our society. Then we have to explore it further and get to the root of it.

What is the major cause of such drunk and driving cases? It is just the vehicle’s driver being intoxicated and out of control. Or, there is some loophole in the functioning of law and order, leading to such vehicles getting out of control.

Is the punishment not too severe, which is why people are not scared enough to slow down(literally)? These are some of the topics which we will be discussing in the excerpt below. The cause and effect of drunk driving accidents.

What Is A DUI?

A DUI is a drunk and drive charge in general. This is when a police officer arrests you for driving under the influence of alcohol which is higher than the permissible limit to handle any automobile.

What Is A DWI?

A DWI, on the other hand, is a charge against driving any vehicle under the influence of drugs and other illicit substances.

They both will have different charges on someone’s record and have been the leading cause of accidents in the US itself.

Causes of Drunk Driving Accidents

After closely studying some researchers, and news articles from the last ten years, here are some of the common reasons why these accidents are occurring with such frequency.

1. Lack Of Self Awareness

Some are not educated enough to know that driving a heavy vehicle when they can barely stand on their two feet is highly dangerous. The worst part of lack of awareness is when they do not know they are not only posing a threat to themselves but also the other innocent pedestrian not aware of their irresponsibility.

Educating about drunk driving and what massacre it can cause is very important. It is not only important to create awareness but instill fear about the matter.

2. Overconfidence Upon Driving

This is the contrasting spectrum of lack of awareness. These are people who are too aware of their superb driving skills right after heavy intoxication. It is high time that their close ones at least make them aware that just because they have done it once doesn’t mean they should do it again.

Overconfidence can lead to their death one day. If you are familiar with one such person who is a little too confident about their driving skills, maybe it is time to sit them down for an intervention.

3. They Have Done It Before

Without a doubt, there are some people who are excellent with the stick and wheel. They can drive under any toxication. However, this is not a free pass to do it again and again. Being aware of the consequences once doesn’t guarantee that the consequence will remain the same every time.

Individuals who are ‘aware of the consequences’ should be forewarned by horror tales of drunk driving. Cautionary tales which induce fear are a good way to help them out of this phase.

4. The Adrenaline Rush

According to New Jersey DUI lawyer herself, this is the worst kind of cause where some individuals have tasted the high adrenaline rush that comes from any rush mixed with the element of speed. Now, all they want to do is race their car while their senses are shifting from subconscious to reality. This is the worst kind because drivers won’t make an effort to slow down and, as a result, also won’t bother about the collateral damage.

There are people who could have underlying issues that are making them attempt such dangerous sports. When most of them are well aware, this could lead to serious harm to themselves as well.

Effects Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Now coming to the adverse effects that an individual under a DUI could be going through. Whether it is just drunk driving or an accident attached to it, the consequences are sometimes unsalvageable.

1. Altered Professional Life

One day you could have a fair-paying job, and the next moment it could be in jeopardy. This is what a DUI can do to your public record. Add an accident to the list, and you will have no chance of a good education or a good job. It might be easier to get an appeal with the help of a good DUI attorney. However, if you plead guilty, it will remain on your public record forever, and it is very difficult to erase that.

2. Prison For More Than One DUI

If you have more than one DUI alongside being the main culprit of a drunk and drive accident, you could also expect a prison sentence. In California, the highest DUI sentence was that of 40 years after the individual was arrested for their 9th DUI.

If the DUI leads to an accident and eventual manslaughter, then the prison sentence can increase.

How To Prevent

Sometimes it might just look like one mistake driven by alcoholic influence, but it has the power to destroy lives. Therefore, one should decide whether the DUI is actually worth it.

It is high time to seek recovery help if alcoholism is what might lead to a DUI.

If you are currently dealing with a DUI case in your name, seek help from the best DUI attorneys who can build a strong case for you, minimizing the overall charges.

Always remember it is not just your own life you are risking, but almost everyone else’s on the road and inside the car.

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