How This E-Commerce Is Helping Build The Artist Community

by Ecommerce Published on: 04 June 2022 Last Updated on: 07 June 2022

Artist Community

The world is gaining a taste for royalty — the most prized possessions are no longer limited to the chosen few. In fact, art today has never been so accessible. With just a click now you can own a unique masterpiece — painted for you, by you.

It is the essence of art that matters today — the excitement of owning a masterpiece not owning ‘The Masterpiece’.

E-commerces today have started gaining more acceptance around the globe. They give the less renowned a chance to work on their passion and earn enough too. This is where PortraitFlip, an e-commerce company steps in.

It is selflessly leveraging itself to artists and art lovers. In a way, it is a bridge for artists all over the world to come together to create paintings for art admirers.

Are There Starving Artists?

Yes. Artists crave their muse ego to be fed. As cliche as it sounds, “Starving Artist” stands true to its meaning. Today they struggle to make an honest earning out of a concept so beautiful and rare. Power is so unique that it is bestowed on a meager 1.4 million humans in the world out of which only 10% are working.

How these talented human beings are so overlooked with the power of creating such true sentimental masterpieces beyond words? Yes, an artist’s desire to paint anything on a canvas is so indomitable but does not mean that they have to settle for terrible pay.

Enter PortraitFlip.

Who is PortraitFlip?

This E-Commerce offers the most unique and ‘effortful’ gifting experience. A company that believes in helping the artists pursue their passion whilst making its customers the stars of any occasion. PortraitFlip turns your photos into paintings accompanied by an amazing gift-giving experience.


A company that religiously follows the motto “DON’T STOP WITH JUST A PHOTO”. And why should we? A win-win situation for both artists and art lovers. And that is great news.

How Is This E-commerce Helping The Artists?

PortraitFlip serves a wide array of customers from pencil drawing lovers to true oil painting connoisseurs. This means that to meet the demand of these wide varieties of mediums they have artists specializing in every different method of painting.

A company that provides diverse mediums to its customers and a place for every kind of artist.

PortraitFlip firmly believes in ‘Gift-giving is an experience’. “It is as easy as 1-2-3,” says Sunny the CEO of the company, “but the experience comes from struggling to find photos of the best memories”.

He added further, “We have the truest of the true passionate artists who love jotting down memories on a piece of canvas, that is what makes me happy — to fulfill their muse egos”.

According to us, PortraitFlip is on a mission to deliver artists a better standard of living while providing the best gifting experience out there.

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Why Should We Help The Artist Community?

2020 has gone down in history as being the worst year of the 21st century where many people lost their lives, and economies crashed, but art endured it all — and rose above all.

Art is the equalizer to this vexatious world and PortraitFlip reinforces exactly that — the art’s effect.

And that is the sole reason why!

How Can You Help PortraitFlip Build The Artist Community?

When our customers bestow their most personal moments in the hands of a total stranger just to get an augmented version of their memories shows how appreciated art is. What is stopping you from encountering this beautiful experience?

PortraitFlip solely has 180 artists from all over the world creating beautiful memories on canvases even as you are reading this. They not only help artists by giving them a fair share of their livelihood but also let their dexterity stand up for the artist community.

In a way, you not only support the artist’s coterie but also forever hold onto a piece of someone.

To Conclude

PortraitFlip cares and so should you. While helping PortraitFlip you not only help the artist to deliver art to society but also gain a bit of royalty yourself. Their artists help imaginations come to life while making you the hero of any occasion.

This is a plea to all you art admirers out there, stand by the artist community and let art into your life.


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