7 Ways How Business Stationery is Beneficial For Small Businesses

by Business 24 April 2020

business stationery

Goodwill is one of the most valuable resources a business can have. This is true for B to B relationships and B to C (Business to customer) relationships. Corporate gifts like calendars, customized notebooks, and folders are to show your clients that you care about them. It is also important because the slightest of chinks in the visual representation of your business can spoil an initial impression quite easily. Human beings are visual creatures. No matter how much we say that we care about what is inside rather than outside. We cannot deny that we are more attracted and convinced to buy things that are more aesthetically pleasing. Business stationery is beneficial for all.

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to promote and grow a new business. It works as a tool businesses can use to help the marketing and promotion of its product/services. It also helps the business establish and then nourish its relationship with employees and customers. Though it may seem a little simplistic, the idea of business stationery or small plants being gifted to your clients might help make or break the new deal you want to make with them. It is just all about the effort that you’re putting in to show them that they matter to you.

There is a multitude of ways that one can improve the work environment and brand image of your company. One of the ways to do this is by using dedicated and custom-made stationery for your business.

In this article, you will learn about the seven ways that business stationery, like professional folders, pens, and promotional compendiums, are beneficial to the running of your business.

7 Ways How Business Stationery is Beneficial For Small Businesses


Having your customized business cards and pens that you can hand out to customers or potential clients helps get your name out there. This is an excellent advertisement opportunity. Having business stationery with your business logo and number on it helps leave a good impression with potential customers, and it also helps in brand recall.


In a world where almost every business has custom stationery, it is pertinent for your business to do the same to keep up. Since most other businesses are handing out business equipment like folders and pens, the customers expect the same from you. If you do not do the same, then it becomes difficult to let them know that your business is professional and organized.


Having customized stationery and letterheads is not only for the customer’s benefit. It also lets your employees know that they are working in a professional environment. Organized desks and work environments are conducive to the productivity of your workers.  This is because less time is spent doing shallow work and more time doing deep work. So, in essence, workplace stationery, like folders and compendiums are an excellent way to improve productivity and professionalism for your business.


The argument can be made that businesses have now transitioned into the electronic world. This is true for most things, especially when communicating with your customers and other businesses are involved. Unfortunately, emails can be lost amongst all the spam and other businesses doing their advertising in your customer’s inbox. To add to this issue, most of the customers belonging to the older age range have difficulties handling communications sent via text or email. Even in 2020, letters and paper communication holds more weight than electronic messaging.


A few years ago, getting customized business stationery would have been a difficult job. But during the internet age, it is easy to click a button. Multiple websites and companies exist that allow you even to design your stationery using different templates and have it delivered to you at cheap rates. For a small business starting, this functions as an excellent way to advertise without having to pay thousands of dollars.


As a small business, it is difficult to get your name out there. Even more difficult is to have your name stay in the minds of your customers and clients. Sending out communications in a consistent manner using consistent stationery helps let your customers know that you care about your business and its clients.


A new business tends to be treated like a parvenu of sorts. Even if you do a good job, it takes a while for your customer base to develop trust for your brand. Having customized stationery conveys an attention to detail that helps to build up trust with your customer base.


Customized business stationery has become essential for small businesses. Corporate gifting using this kind of material sends an excellent message to your clients and partnered businesses. Branding is easier to do when more and more people can see your logo and slogan on letters and other business stationery. It allows customers to have your business contacts at hand whenever the need arises. It also functions as a good way to advertise your business and also increase workplace productivity by helping your employees be more organized.

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